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Client Testimonials

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the outstanding assistance you and your entire staff provided throughout the immigration process for my wife. Your expertise, dedication, and unwavering support played a pivotal role in reuniting our family here in the United States.

Your meticulous attention to detail, prompt communication, and comprehensive understanding of the immigration laws made the complex journey smoother for us. Navigating through the paperwork and legal intricacies seemed much less daunting with your guidance.

We are truly thankful for your commitment to our case and the genuine care you exhibited. Your professionalism, coupled with a personal touch, made a significant difference during what could have been a stressful time for us.

As a family, we are now able to create new and meaningful memories together, thanks to your invaluable contribution. Your impact extends beyond the legal realm, as you have helped bring joy and stability to our lives.

Once again, thank you for your exceptional service. We are grateful for your role in making our dreams of being together in the United States a reality.

Jacques G
Satisfied Client

After an initial telephone conversation with Christopher Holmes regarding a change of status for my wife. We dealt directly with & only with Diana Nunez. She responded to all our emails, queries, concerns & confusions quickly & accurately. She walked us through all of the paperwork & endless documentation required to finally, achieve permanent residency and green card approval after approximately 10 months. We are both very grateful for her time and professionalism during this process. We would recommend Diana to anyone seeking help through the immigration process.

Vanessa has been nothing short of AMAZING!! I cannot praise and thank her enough! The long tedious immigration process can be so incredible stressful on couples. She has made us feel so relaxed and confident in the process. She is extremely knowledgeable and always responded quickly. She never made us feel like we were bugging her when we called and emailed all the time. She is truly and angel and if it weren’t for her, we don’t know where we would be right now. I am so incredibly grateful to have found this law office and feel so confident having Vanessa working on our case! Vanessa, you have gone above and beyond for us, you definitely deserve a raise!! Thank you so much Vanessa and team!

Marcus B. (Hawaiiu) and Chelsea M. (Canada)
Adjustment of Status, Removal of Conditions

I use Ramos and Holmes services twice and let me tell you, It was excellent experience! Both times I received the best service! Christopher Holes was very understanding and helpful, and Diana Nunez!!! Diana Nunez is a very pleasant help and caring person! Through the whole process she was very calm and give me the calmness too, so I can focus on gather all my document in timely manner! I cannot express with words how happy I’m with Holmes and Ramos services!

I use their services two times and I was pleased both times! Diana Nunez was both times my support! She is very professional follows up in a timely manner and her work is excellent! I never felt like we will fail our case with Holmes and Ramos behind my back!

Galina P. (California) and Abderrazzek R. (Morocco)
R1 Spousal Visa and Removal of Conditions

I, Jennie, was very satisfied with Lawrence Holmes attorney. I had the pleasure to work with Yvonne, and she made everything possible. Thank you so much for everything. I don’t regret a bit hiring you. Best decision ever. Even though I’m in New York and you’re in California, that didn’t stop the dream to come true. Thanks to you guys I’m a US citizen and my husband was able to get to the US and live with me. Thank you – thank you, Yvonne. You are the best, keep up the great work. God bless you! 🙂 <3

Jennie J. (New York) and Gardy M. (Haiti)
Naturalization and CR1 Spousal Visa

I reached out to Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorneys LLP in August of 2013, shortly after proposing to my future bride to be, in the Philippines. My fiancé and I were extremely excited, but overcome by the process and forms to be submitted, knowing that any unintended error would add substantially more time to the process and possible even require refilling. We did not want to make a mistake and add further delays to the process. We contacted Lawrence Holmes for help and they did. They diligently and thoughtfully work to gather all the needed information for filing the K1 visa. I’m truly thankful for all of their help along the way, patiently reassurance us every step of the way. I’m grateful to say that after 10 months my finance and I were united again. I want to thank Lawrence Holmes and his paralegal Yvonne for all of their time and help. After my wife and I were married, we continued with Lawrence Holmes, for the 2 year green card filing process, than after two years, the filling for the removal of conditions, for the 10 year green card and “Permanent” resident status, and finally for my wife’s naturalization process. Which she received this month 01/2019! The care, the thoughtfulness, the willingness to answer a call or email, the reassurance and diligence that Lawrence Holmes and his paralegal Yvonne showed to us was excellence. Lawrence Holmes and Yvonne has faithfully worked with us from start to finish for 2013 to 2019 which has been blessing. You guys have been a part of our story form the beginning and my wife and I are grateful for it.

Again, Thank you both & God Bless

Russ F. (Oregon) and Fe F. (Philippines)
K-1 Fiancée Visa, Adjustment of Status (Green Card), Removal of Condition and Naturalization

I would like to take a moment and thank this great team of professionals. We had nothing but positive experience. Yvonne, who worked on our case, was amazing. She answered all our questions and sometimes we had a lot of them :). All process went smooth without any surprises. I don’t think we could of handled it without your help guys! Thank you!

Olga Ofsthus (WA) and Tetiana P (Ukraine)

IR5 Visa (Parent Visa)

We hired Lawrence R. Holmes Immigration 5 years ago to help with my husband’s application for citizenship. They did a spectacular job and absolutely everything happened when they promised it would. We could not have done it without their help, especially our paralegal Diana Nunez, who was always so kind and helpful. She was delightful and professional to work with – we only have rave reviews of their firm. My husband became a US citizen last week and we are absolutely thrilled. We highly recommend this immigration law firm to everyone who is facing this process. They are without question the very best of the best and will get the job done for you. We HIGHLY recommend their firm to you. Call today and rest assured you’ll be in excellent hands.

Jayne D. (Arkansas) and Jean-Jacques L. (Canada)
Adjustment of Status (Green Card) and Naturalization (U.S. Citizenship)

Sometime around March of 2016, I first contacted Lawrence (then ‘Lawrence Holmes Immigration Attorney’) regarding help with getting my (Now) wife Ela to the United States. From the very beginning, I experienced a level of professionalism that deems rare these days. After a few initial phone conversations, we started the complicated process. Seeing that I traveled to the Philippines to get married, our case was a little different than others-bringing Ela here required a CR1 Visa. Although it meant more time apart, her first Green Card was issued within 3 weeks of her arrival (December the 15th 2017); wow! In addition, she received a SS Card just prior to that; again, what more could I say!

Lawrence Holmes, and his team (a very special shout out to Heather Carnaje for her due diligence) worked closely to make sure that all our needs were provided for completely, and my

*many, many, questions were addressed without hesitation with a special level of personal understanding.

*As a side note, I happen to have PTSD; so, the extra steps to provide detailed assistance was much appreciated.

As of last week (Funny, March again), I contacted Lawrence (now ‘Holmes & Ramos’) to seek further assistance with acquiring Ela’s “Removal of Condition 10-year Green Card;” (these days, the importance of having someone on board with such unique experience is more needed that ever).

After another set of pleasant phone calls, off we went to complete this next endeavor. We are currently engaged in the process and having a proven working “Trust,” I know that we can be totally at ease with bringing “this” to a positive fruition.

Thank you for everything, and we wish you all our very best!

Paul (North Carolina) and Ela (Philippines)
CR1 Spousal Visa, Adjustment of Status (2-year Green Card)

Super considerate, 100% honest, 100% legal. They know the law, they help you set up a strategy, define a timeline, tell you what to expect, prepare you, and then … it happens! Great work especially by Yvonne.

Dean W. (California) and Helena W. (Poland)
Adjustment of Status, Removal of Condition and Naturalization

In 2015 I contacted Lawrence Holmes about getting a fiancé visa and was so impressed with our conversation and that I hired this firm to help us with our fiancé visa and could not have completed it without their expert help. We had them help us get our temporary green card and now we have the permanent green card. Yvonne has sent us the proper forms and has done a great job in helping us with completing them as well as letting us know what other documents that we needed. We are so pleased with her work that we are now in the process of having her help us with getting the naturalization papers. i would recommend using this firm. Great job!

James W. (Arizona) and Maryna I. (Ukraine)
K-1 Fiancée Visa, Adjustment of Status (Green Card), Removal of Condition (10 Year Green Card), and Naturalization

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all that my case manager Yvonne has done for Erika & Juan. Juan came to Holmes Immigration Law Firm for advice on a spousal petition and felt so comfortable that he retained the firm for the process. Yvonne was assigned as my case manager and she has been very informative every step of the way. Answering all my questions along with doubts and was excellent responding to my emails. Yvonnes customers service skills are excellent, she is very knowledgeable, caring and goes out of her way to ensure customer satisfaction in every sense of the word. Yvonne thank you for everything your an amazing case manager. Looking forward to see you soon at the firm. Take care and have a wonderful day.

Juan O. (California) and Erika O. (Dominican Republic)
CR-1 Spousal Visa and CR-2 Dependent Visa

The Answer to all our Prayers! When we researched a law firm to handle our immigration and citizenship process, we really did our homework to make sure we had the best team to help with a complicated situation. Larry and his team–especially Yvonne–were hands down everything we expected and more. Along the way, and as issues arose, they were there to guide us through and help us with all the right answers, advice and recommendations every single time. Let me repeat that: Every Single Time. The knowledge and expertise that Yvonne offered when we called with questions, whether completing forms or preparing for interviews was stellar, top notch and right on point. In short, I would say that the investment in moving forward with Larry Holmes and his amazing team is the best money we ever spent. We are now both PROUD and THANKFUL CITIZENS!! Thanks Larry, Yvonne and the entire team

Terry F. (North Carolina) and Svetlana M. (Latvia)
Adjustment of Status, Removal of Condition, and Naturalization

It was the second time we hired Mr Holmes’ team of professionals to work on my wife’s immigration process. Yvonne is the Paralegal Specialist who successfully helped us both times. We are extremely satisfied with her services. She is very nice and professional and has always answered all of our questions clearly and in a timely manner. My wife and I are very thankful to Yvonne who did a wonderful job on my wife’s adjustment of status and on the removal of conditions of her residence. We highly recommend Mr Holmes and Ramos Immigration Attorney to anyone who needs help going through their immigration process.

Roger P. (Florida) and Nicole D. (France)
Adjustment of Status (Conditional Green Card) and Removal of Conditions (Permanent Green Card)

My wife, who came from Russia, will take her Naturalization Oath Ceremony and will become a US citizen next week on December 19, 2018! I retained Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney from the very beginning of our marriage-based immigration journey, and they have successfully taken us all the way from the initial adjustment of status to the Naturalization! In the beginning I looked on several immigration lawyers, but I selected this company based on their very specific focus and expertise only in a marriage and fiancée-based immigration, as opposite to many generalist immigration attorneys. Initial consultation with Larry Holmes and testimonials were helpful as well to cement my decision. And this was the best decision I could make!

All of this was possible due to the exceptional work done by our case manager Yvonne, to whom we eternally grateful! We are very lucky that she has worked with us, and I think that Holmes & Ramos are very lucky too to have such a person on their team.

I admit that at first, I got a bit nervous that a paralegal specialist, as opposite to an attorney as I expected, was assigned to our case, but once we started to work with Yvonne all my doubts disappeared. Her professional expertise and experience have been second to none and her personal qualities which are so important in such a complicated and nerve wrecking process as immigration have been outstanding. She combines her warm, supportive, approachable personality with in depth knowledge of every step of the entire process and meticulous attention to details. This has given us a piece of mind and reassurance in the success of our efforts. Her communication skills, responsiveness and patience to address dozens of our questions and concerns have been incredible. I can not enough express my gratitude to Yvonne for her dedication, kind support and professionalism that led us through this journey seamlessly and successfully.

Eugene V. (California) and Veronika C. (Russia)
Adjustment of status (conditional Green Card), removal of condition (permanent Green Card), Naturalization (US Citizenship)

Yuri and I began this immigration process with Holmes & Ramos Immigration back in 2015 when we contacted them. Their advice and counseling during this entire process has been invaluable. They have guided us through the entire temporary and permanent green card process and we are so thankful that we have had their assistance this entire time. Working with Yvonne on this last part of the process has been exceptional. We will not hesitate to utilize their services as we move Yuri to U.S. Citizenship. Put your immigration needs in the hands of Holmes & Ramos Immigration. You won’t be disappointed.

Thomas S. (Florida) and Yuri P. (Brazil)
CR-1 Spousal Visa and Removal of Conditions (Green card)

I Jennie, was very satisfied with Lawrence Holmes attorney. I had the pleasure to work with Yvonne, and she made everything possible. Thank you so much for everything. I don’t regret a bit hiring you. Best decision ever. Even though I’m in New York and you’re in California, that didn’t stop the dream to come true. Thanks to you guys I’m a US citizen and my husband was able to get to the US and live with me. Thank you – thank you, Yvonne. You are the best, keep up the great work. God bless you! 🙂


Jennie J. (New York) and Gardy M. (Haiti)
Naturalization and CR1 Spousal Visa

In December 2017, I contacted Holmes & Ramos Immigration attorneys firm seeking representation throughout the K-1 Visa process. Indeed, my case was extremely complicated. My case was previously turned down by two different Immigration attorneys due to its complexities and peculiarities . Luckily, Melanie Ramos was the attorney I spoke to and she did not hesitate to express her willingness to handle my very complicated case. Few weeks later, she skillfully compiled my I-129F that she subsequently submitted to USCIS for review. It did not take me too long to believe that my petition will be approved just by glancing at its contents. She meticulously identified all red flags my case had and she responded to the potential skepticism the USCIS and US embassy/ Consulate officers would have. This talent did not only reassure the USCIS officer who was adjudicating my case that he/she was making the right decision in approving my petition but also helped the Consular officer to grant the K-1 visa to my fiancée because everything was clear and sincere. Melanie turned the impossibilities into possibilities. Her measured , soft and professional tone she used explaining my case to the U.S government officials resulted in my I-129F approval and K-1 visa issuance. During the entire K-1 process, Diana ( Paralegal ) was also by my side. She was reachable whenever I had questions. Her guidance and advice in my fiancée’s visa preparation were incredible.

Without having this law firm on my side, my fiancée and I would not have been reunited in the United States. We are also retaining this law firm for Adjustment of status.

Olivier B. (Arizona) and Angelique K. (Rwanda)
K-1 Fiancée Visa and IMBRA Waiver

Hello. I hired Mr. Holmes´s law firm in March of 2017 to represent us in obtaining a K1 Visa for my fiancé. We were living in Brazil at the time and had no idea of what we were about to take on. Fortunately, Yvonne a Paralegal Specialist was assigned our case, which we will forever be grateful. Without her guidance and patience, I am certain that this would not have gone as seamless as it did.

The shear amount of documentation that is required to complete the process was overwhelming, especially living overseas. Anytime we needed guidance, advice, or reassurance Yvonne was there to assist. This ranged anywhere from what else was needed, what the next step was, when could we expect it, etc. We were obviously excited/anxious and perhaps sent too many emails as the process takes some time. However, Yvonne would always respond in in a timely manner with the utmost professionalism no matter how many times she had answered the question previously.

To close, we could not be happier with Mr. Holmes and his team, Yvonne especially. Necessary documentation, times lines, requirements, appointments, etc. were clearly given to us. We were walked through the entire process step by step. As I said before without Yvonne this would not have been as fluid or successful. I would recommend Mr. Holmes, and Yvonne, to anyone needing legal immigration representation.

Matthew P. (Texas) and Thais O. (Brazil)
K-1 Fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

“My husband Dario and I could not be more pleased with the exceptional service we received by retaining Holmes & Ramos as our Immigration Attorneys. From our initial meeting to the last advisement we received, they were responsive, courteous, knowledgeable, and always showed care and concern. When we needed a quick answer, they were quick to respond. With all the forms and documents needed for the immigration process, we would have never been able to smoothly facilitate the successful result we achieved, without their guidance. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for expert legal advice”

Dennis S. (New York) and Dario P. (Mexico)
IR-1 Spousal Visa and I-601-A Extreme Hardship Waiver

When my (now) foreign husband and I decided to get married, we knew this was going to be a tough process. I knew I wanted to find someone, who had lots of experience and reasonable priced.

After searching for a few months and interviewing several Lawyers, I came across Larry’s, (Mr Holmes), K1visa, web site. I sent in my contact information and within 1 day, I got a call back. Not from the secretary or other office staff, but from Larry Himself. He was personable, and took his time to answer my dozens of questions.
When we finally hired him it was about a year later. I sent him an email, re-introducing myself, and he picked up the phone and called me. He told me then, ANYTIME I had any questions just call.
I really like the organization of this office. With each step in the process, we were given a “To Do” list,, in which we followed to the letter. This is very precise, and takes good record keeping on your part, but I cannot stress the importance of doing this, as they lay it ALL out for you. It will save you time and money in the future.
Larry and Diana ( our contact), delivered as promised! We started the Process July 7, 2016 and my fiancé arrived May 9th, 2017. Less than 1 year! We were married May 23rd, 2017.
“Coming to America” for my husband is a still on-going process, and we will continue to hire Mr. Holmes and his team for each step. He was just approved for his 2 year green card, on Oct 16th, 2018.

Our next step will be in 2 years, when we file for “Permanent” resident, and I will hire Larry and Diana again.

Thank you Larry and Diana so much! Qasar and I feel very blessed!

Betty R. (Florida) and Qasar R. (Pakistan)
K1 Fiancé(e) Visa and Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

Our experience using Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney for my Kenyan husband’s CR-1 (spousal) visa exceeded our expectations. Diana was our primary contact and she displayed strong knowledge, attention to detail, and customer service skills. I should say she also has a ton of patience as we inundated her with questions at times! Her responses were always prompt, detailed and professional yet friendly. She was more than capable of handling our case and we only needed to converse with Lawrence or Christopher in the beginning. The steps for the CR-1 visa are many (not to mention time consuming and lengthy – not a fault of anyone, it is just the process) and Diana kept us on track until we got to the finish line. My husband and I keep saying that engaging this law firm was worth every penny. They helped us through an intimidating and emotional process with positive results. What more could we ask for?

Melissa A. (California) and Martin A. (Kenya)
CR1 Spousal Visa

Thank you very much Yvonne for your great support throughout the process of obtaining my wife’s green card. The visa case went smoothly, and you handled the matters very professionally and exceeded my expectations. You communicated well and provided timely answers to my questions. You have gained my trust and if we need any immigration legal services in the near future, you will be hearing from us. If someone asks us for such legal services, we will recommend you & the firm.

Aott C. (Kansas) and Kitthiya S. (Thailand)
CR1 Spousal Visa

I’ve been working with Lawrence and Diana since 2017 and they have been very helpful and knowledgeable. We were so happy with the service provided from start to finish. The process for me to get a K1 Visa as a UK citizen to marry my American fiancée was made easy and smooth, thanks to them. Every question or doubt we had was always answered. Diana was very professional and of great help and always responded promptly to our emails. We are so thankful to Holmes and Ramos Immigration Attorneys. I believe strongly that there is no better way of dealing with immigration.

Allie B. (Alabama) and Lee C. (United Kingdom)
K1 Fiancé(e) Visa

A heart-felt thank you to Yvonne for helping us through the long and arduous US Visa process. The information she provided was very detailed and timely and we were able to work through the documents and electronic processes in as efficient a manner as possible thanks to her guidance. Yvonne was also very responsive to our numerous email queries, particularly around how long each stage would take as the waiting can be tortuous. An excellent level of service. I would be happy to recommend Yvonne to anyone facing a US immigration visa process. Many thanks again.

Angel L. (Florida) and Karen P. (Australia)
K-1 Fiancée Visa and CR-1 Spousal Visa

Hello Diana my wife received her Green card over the mail this week, we were on vacation and when we got back it was there, words are not enough for me to say how much my wife and i appreciate what your team have done, you guys were there from the start and guide us through it, although it was not an easy process you made it simple for us and kept us optimistic about the outcomes, i cannot thank you enough, this is truly a blessing to have people like you and the firm fighting for people that are or were in the same circumstances like we were, my wife and i are overjoy with happiness, thank you so much, thank you from the bottom of my heart this is truly wonderful, i hope in the future if you and your team need help i would be there to help you guys like you have done for us thank you so much, God Bless each and every one of you, Continue the great job, God Bless you.

Arnault C. (Florida) and Pauline C. (Australia)
Adjustment of Status and Removal of Condition

Mr. Lawrence R. Holmes and his entire staff are wonderful, professional and very courteous. I had a great experience with this Law firm. They are easily reachable and all my issues were promptly handled and in a very professional, satisfactory and reassuring manner. Not to mention, the outcome of their professional service was excellent: we achieved the desired outcome. I will definitely recommend this law firm to anybody.

Mohammed K. (Maryland) and Binta B. (Sierra Leone)
K-1 Fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

Our 2 children arrived from Bangkok July 1

Their Embassy interview went without any flaws. Not a single question was asked. The staffer looked through the 2 organized clear binders containing all their documents and they were approved.

Both children’s Social Security Cards arrived in the mail 10 days after their arrival.

Our daughter’s Green Card arrived Saturday 7/29 just 29 days after their arrival.

Son’s Green Card hopefully will arrive this week.

Thank you and your staff for all you did to help get our kids to America.

They were without their Mom for 2 years and we did it legally.

Wishing you continued success with carrying on your Practice.

W. Darling (California) and S. Bjuggfalt (Thailand)

K-1 Fiancée Visa, K-2 Dependent Visa, IMBRA Waiver, 2 Adjustment of Status, 2 IR-2 Dependent Visas

I’ve been working with Lawrence and Yvonne since 2014 and the have been very helpful and knowledgeable. The process for me to get a US green card as a Brazilian citizen has been pretty long (as expected from anything government related), but easy and smooth, thanks to them. I always recommend them to friends and believe strongly that there is no better way of dealing with immigration.

Matthew J. (California) and Leticia J. (Brazil)Adjustment of Status  and Removal of Condition

My husband and I hired Lawrence Holmes for our spousal visa. Yvonne was handling our case. She’s amazing. We mucked up our K1 visa previously and were very worried about this whole process. But she handled our case so efficiently. She guided us whole process and answered our every query. I got my visa few days back and very satisfied with Lawrence Holmes. I thank you guys!!!

Harmanvir G. (California) and Sunpreet G. (India)
CR1 Spousal Visa

My wife is American and I am British. We got married in 2014 and needed an immigration attorney to help me attain a conditional permanent resident status to live and work in the U.S.A. Lawrence R. Holmes, and specifically, Yvonne, our Paralegal Specialist, worked their magic and made this a reality. Yvonne led us through the paperwork and steps that would need to be taken (such as what evidence to collect and which interviews to attend, etc.). I’m sure that my wife and I could have found this information out for ourselves but a) why risk making a clerical error that will set your application back or possibly get denied, and b) why make the extra work for yourself? We couldn’t be happier with the services provided by Lawrence R. Holmes and, now that our 10 year green card was approved, we will be retaining their services for the naturalization process so I can become a U.S. Citizen. P.S. Yvonne is the best.

Heather W. (California) and Richard W. (United Kingdom)
Adjustment of Status (2 year greencard) and Removal of Condition (10 year greencard)

I strongly recommend this firm to everyone. Yvonne was our paralegal specialist and she has been very helpful, knowledgeable and approachable throughout this incredible journey. She helped us since 2012 when my husband petitioned me. I was made permanent resident year 2013. After that, she also helped us process my daughter’s application and she got her permanent residency as well. I did recommend this firm to two of my friends and now they’re leaving here in the States with their family.

Yvonne was still our case manager when I applied for US citizenship. My naturalization process was finalized within two months. I couldn’t have done it without this law firm and most especially without Yvonne’s expert help.

It gave me peace of mind knowing that I have Yvonne to walk me through my visa process.

Robert F. (Indiana) and Maria F. (Philippines)
IR1, IR2, Naturalization

The Law firm of Lawrence R Holmes Immigration Attorney was recommended to us by another international couple who received their green-card (with the help of this firm) a few years ago. Our friends couldn’t say enough positive things about this firm, and now we feel exactly the same way! We happily and whole heartedly recommend them!

Choosing to work with them was the best decision that we made during this immigration process (aside from marrying each other of course)! Not only did they give excellent and accurate advice but they stayed with us through every step of the process! Our amazing paralegal Diana was always prompt and clear in her responses to any questions that arose, not to mention incredibly kind and courteous. The best part of this process was the peace of mind that came with having a professional and experienced attorney. We had heard horror stories from other couples that had either done the process themselves or did not work with the right firm and it delayed their immigration process or stopped it all together. This firm saved us countless hours of research, stress, and delays by taking care of all the details and making sure that we never lost any time due to clerical errors or mistakes. We were told all of the costs up front and we were even able to pay our legal fees in a few installments to make it affordable for young couples trying to get started in life and successfully navigate the immigration process.

The joy that we feel at having just been successfully approved for green-card status is due in large part to this Law Firm. We are so incredibly grateful and happy with their hard work and diligence. It has paid off big time and we highly recommend them! Not all attorneys are created equal and we would not work with anyone else!

Jessika J. (Wyoming) and Marcel A. (Netherlands)
CR1 Spousal Visa

We are extremely grateful to our wonderful immigration attorney Lawrence R Holmes, his dedicated team and our amazing paralegal specialist Diana Nunez. Getting the US immigration visa for my husband was a long and a complicated process. We were professionally guided and well supported all the way through from the very beginning up to the end, from filing a petition to the final interview, moving to the US and receiving a Green Card. Mr. Lawrence R Holmes professional service was beyond our expectations. Everything went smoothly without any surprises and delays and now we can enjoy our new life in the USA. Thank you very much, dear Lawrence, Diana, and the team for your dedicated and hard work and services.

Irina K. (California) and Sergei B. (Russia)

Lawrence R Holmes Immigration Attorney took the stress out the process! It was a pleasure to work with Yvonne and she made it a breeze to walk through the procedures. We’ve used them for two different immigration actions and I would recommend you let them help navigate the immigration law instead of trying it on your own – they are expert at what they do.

Thanks again for the kind words and all your help! We truly couldn’t have done it without you. I saw the stress on the faces of those that hadn’t hired an attorney and heard a bit about what they were having to do; the time it was taking, the stress it was causing because they didn’t know how to navigate the system etc. – we skipped all that by hiring you and I am truly thankful!

Julie C. (Arizona) and Gabriel C. (Honduras)
Adjustment of Status (Green card) and Naturalization (U.S. Citizenship)

Thank you so much Melanie for your help in applying for my permanent residency. If it wasn’t for your wise counsel and your thoroughness, I would have not successfully received my permanent residency. Thank you also for your patience, and your empathy. You made this trying process easier to go through. During the times when I was scared out of my mind about losing the life I have built here, it really helped me to know that there was someone who was familiar with this process and would do everything in their power to help me keep that. Thank you Melanie!!!

Michelle W (New York)

I-751 Removal of Condition Waiver

I would definitely recommend Lawrence R Holmes and his firm Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney. They worked on my wife’s 2 year and 10 resident green card and also her K1 visa before we were married. Our paralegal, Yvonne was very good. She was always quick to reply to any questions or concerns we had. The immigration process can be complicated and there is a lot of paperwork involved but Yvonne made everything simple and strait forward. We never had any problems with this firm. I can not image going through the immigration process without the help that Lawrence R Holmes and Yvonne provided.

Patrick S. (Florida) and Glory P. (Sri Lanka)
K-1 Fiancée Visa, Adjustment of Status and Removal of Condition

The best service I ever received. They was always their when I had and question. Also always got back to me in a timely manner. They made sure to always make me feel like they would never give up and wouldn’t stop until everything was a success .

Courtney M. (Georgia) and Nathaly R. (Dominican Republic)

K-1 Fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

This firm is amazing. Would recommend to anyone. Applied for my husband to come from Egypt and his visa was approved in less then 12 months. Yvonne was our case manager and it’s true. She’s truly amazing. I always had quick responses from her and any questions, comments and concerns she was always there every step of the way. Next week my husband arrives to Chicago and we couldn’t be happier. Couldn’t have done it without this firm. Thank you.

Patricia G. (Illinois) and Mohamed M. (Egypt)
CR-1 Spousal Visa

Hello Yvonne. Thank you for so much you have done for me and for Sunday. You have always been very nice and helpful and relax me when I’m feeling funny about something. I will like to rehire you once Sunday arrives here.

Roderick C. (Alabama) and Oluwadamilare O. (Nigeria through South Africa)
K-1 Fiancée Visa

Nuestro profundo agradecimiento a Yvonne, por su dirección y profesionalismo que nos ha acompaño durante estos años, en los cuales se obtuvo la residencia y finalmente la ciudadanía en un tiempo record para nosotros. Fue de extraordinaria ayuda y apoyo que Yvonne sea bilingüe, esto nos facilitó nuestra comunicación. Recomendamos a la firma Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney, para cualquier gestión de inmigración y otros, por ser serios, cordiales y muy profesionales.

Estimada Yvonne reciba un abrazo con nuestra gratitud.

Jose T. (Florida) and Ximena T. (Ecuador)
Adjustment of Status (Green Card), Removal of Condition (10 Year Green Card) and Naturalization (U.S. Citizenship)

My husband and I hired Lawrence R Holmes Immigration Attorney in January 2017, as we prepared to leave Dubai to move to the U.S. My husband is a U.S. citizen, I am a U.K. citizen and we met in Dubai almost 6 years ago. Having tried to learn about the immigration process for myself and feeling completely lost as to how we were going to navigate through this, we made the decision to hire an attorney and I am so glad we did. Diana was a huge help to us over the course the of the year, providing clear and coherent advice and always efficient in her response to our many, many questions. We also believe their services were great value for money, when we think about what we paid against the level of support we received over a 12 month period. I dread to think how difficult this would have been without their help and am happy to say we are now settling in nicely into life in the U.S. together.

We will be sure to be in touch nearer to the time that I have to adjust my status. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to settling in to life in the U.S. and can’t thank you enough for all your help.

Scott S. (Massachusetts) and Laura S. (United Kingdom)
CR1 Spousal Visa

In March, 2012, I reached Holmes and Ramos and request services on my immigration case. I was deported while I was engaged to my fiancée Traci and recently moved from the west to the east coast.

Almost 6 years after, I have received my permanent green card. It’s been a long way with many obstacles and many challenges. Here I am, driving a company and my wife Traci expecting two beautiful girls due in April.

I want to thank Heather for all of her support and dedication that she and the Team of Holmes and Ramos have put in my case. I will definitely won’t stop here and continue to do my best to be a good citizen and support those that need me to continue developing this country.

Please receive my whole gratitude and share my thought to your team.

I look forward to continue and achieve what is next on my process.

Traci P. (Maryland) and Marco P. (Mexico)
K1 fiancée Visa, I-601 Waiver, I-212 Waiver, Removal of Condition

Worked with Larry during the green card and the naturalization process. Very knowledgeable and thorough during the entire process. Would recommend Larry and Diana to others looking for the same type of work.

Mike B. (Ohio) and Xaio W. (China)
Direct Consular Filing and Naturalization

Had I known about Lawrence R Holmes, international immigration attorney before I started the K1 visa process, I would have hired him immediately. He handled the stateside portion of my case and successfully handled every stage of the process. The legal Assistant he assigned to us, Yvonne, was totally instrumental in preparing me for each stage of the process. I owe our success to her efforts. They are well versed in the international Immigration process and worth the investment.

Noel N. (New Mexico) and Nguyen T. (Vietnam)
Adjustment of Status (Green Card) for Spouse and Child

My wife and I started the immigration process on our own and ran into some issues. Not knowing what to do, we were referred to Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney at Since working with them, we had no problems at all. We are living all the way in Virginia and Diana who handled our case made the whole process so smooth and hassle free. There were no surprise fees and we would always receive updates on where we were in the whole process. If you’re thinking about hiring these guys then look no further. They are the best around.

Chevaughn G. (Virginia) and Leamoy F. (Jamaica)
Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

I wanted to write you a quick note and thank you! A million Thank yous: for every silly email that you got from us! You always kept your cool; and simply answered them (no matter what)!

I can’t tell you how happy we are! I would recommend you anyone that wants an attorney should pick you guys! I understand you work with many others in your office; but you ARE AMAZING so please try to remember that next time the chips are down! You are prompt, professional, understanding, courtesy is number 1 with you. I’m sure Jenny will write her own letter to you! I did wanna catch you before you vacation to personally thank you so much! >>> And of course HAPPY TURKEY DAY!

Please do thank Lawrence R. Holmes for everything!

Wendy P. (California) and Jenny P. (Sweden)
Adjustment of Status (Green Card) and Removal of Condition (10 Year Green Card)

I hired Mr. Holmes´s law firm in March of 2017 to represent us in obtaining a K1 Visa for my fiancée. We were living in Brazil at the time and had no idea of what we were about to take on. Fortunately, Yvonne a Paralegal Specialist was assigned our case, which we will forever be grateful. Without her guidance and patience, I am certain that this would not have gone as seamless as it did.

The shear amount of documentation that is required to complete the process was overwhelming, especially living overseas. Anytime we needed guidance, advice, or reassurance Yvonne was there to assist. This ranged anywhere from what else was needed, what the next step was, when could we expect it, etc. We were obviously excited/anxious and perhaps sent too many emails as the process takes some time. However, Yvonne would always respond in a timely manner with the utmost professionalism no matter how many times she had answered the question previously.

To close, we could not be happier with Mr. Holmes and his team, Yvonne especially. Necessary documentation, times lines, requirements, appointments, etc. were clearly given to us. We were walked through the entire process step by step. As I said before without Yvonne this would not have been as fluid or successful. I would recommend Mr. Holmes, and Yvonne, to anyone needing legal immigration representation.

Matthew P. (Texas) and Thais O. (Brazil)
K1 fiancée Visa

We choose this firm per the reviews that we read online and they did not disappoint. Yvonne handled our case and she was wonderful to work with, all emails and phone calls promptly answered with our questions or concerns. Our interview for my husband’s adjustment of status was 10-19-17, we were approved on the spot and with a week had the green card.

Donna T. (South Carolina) and William M. (Canada)
Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

Lawrence Richard Holmes ha sido el mejor servicio q pudimos haber tenido su eficacia en nuestro caso con inmigración y su profesionalismo hicieron q yo obtuviera la green card sin ningún problema y lo más rápido q mi esposo y yo pudimos esperar, todo nos salió muy bien desde la primera aplicación todo fue verdaderamente un éxito, Gracias por hacer nuestro sueño una realidad. Diana y Rudy

Rodolfo R. (California) and Diana B. (Colombia)
K1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

I get my CR1 United States Immigrant Visa approved. I would like to thank Lawrence Holmes, and his staff, especially Diana Nunez. She is very professional and easy to work with. She had enough time and answer for all of our questions. I would absolutely recommend Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney to anyone who needs an immigration attorney. Thanks a lot.

Christopher B. (Texas) and Asmeret T. (Ethiopian through Kuwait)
CR1 Spousal Visa

Lawrence and Yvonne at Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney were wonderful. The process was very smooth and supportive, all the steps were clearly outlined, and everything felt calm and organized. A supportive team that take the stress out of a journey that could be stressful otherwise. Highly recommended.

Azra B. (North Carolina) and Amanda A. (UK)
Adjustment of Status (Green Card), Removal of Condition (10 Year Green Card) and Naturalization

Awesome firm, great people, especially paralegal Yvonne. All our very good. Meticulous, well versed in immigration law, even arcane issues. My wife and her son came from Ukraine, quite a process, but Yvonne and the team from Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney were incredible professional, kind, responsive, and always put us at ease through what can be a very emotional and trying process.

Harry M. (Florida) and Svetlana L. (Ukraine)
K1 fiancée Visa, K2 Dependent Visa, 2 Adjustment of Status, 2 Removal of Conditions and 2 Naturalizations

We had used Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney during the K-1 process to get our fiancée visa and then again for the conditional green card, so when it came time for green card renewal, we didn’t hesitate to contact them again. We worked with Yvonne, and her response time and knowledge of each step in the process was very helpful. Doing this on my own would have taken countless hours of research. It’s nice to be able to turn it over to Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney and not have to worry about it, and they’re very reasonably priced.

Thomas M. (Alabama) and Nancy M. (Honduras)

K-1 fiancée Visa, Adjustment of Status (Green Card) and Removal of Condition (10 Year Green Card)

I had the pleasure to work with the Lawrence R. Holmes team from my K1 Visa, AOS Permanent Card and Naturalization. They did an excellent job, and they made the entire process to be very easy. They answered all my concerns and questions right away and guide me, step by step on what to do and what not. I would definitely recommend him and his team. Thank you guys specially to Ms. Yvonne who handled my case. Looking forward to work with her in the future again for my sister’s visa. God Bless.

Damon R. (Missouri) and Arvie R. (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa, Adjustment of Status (Green Card), Removal of Condition (10 Year Green Card) and Naturalization

Me and my wife hired Lawrence R Holmes once again since their last great job on our K-1 visa and we chose right! Paralegal Yvonne managed our entire case and let me tell you, it is a stressful process but with her help and definition my wife has her green card and even sooner than we thought.

Maria R. (Connecticut) and Spouse (Colombia)
K1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

Wow where do I start. After Wasiu and I met in Africa and were sure we wanted to be married I returned home. And hired Mr Holmes. He has been amazing. The preparation was time consuming but well worth it. My fiancée at the time was granted a K1 Visa without any complications after all the preparation and Mr Holmes law firm knew exactly what was needed and prepared everything to go to the consulate after requested documents were submitted to them. wasiu was granted the K1 Visa we were married 2 months later. Then it’s the adjustment of status again Mr Holmes law firm right on top of it and now my husband has been granted his green card. We are so very glad we used the Homes law firm in this long and difficult process. I highly recommend this law firm. They are professional very knowledgeable and supportive every step of the way. Thank you Mr Homes and your team of staff who has made all of this possible. You come highly recommend

Beverly C. (Arizona) and Wasiu O. (Ghana)
K-1 fiancée visa and Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

Did your case go smoothly? Yes- Yvonne provided us the details we needed and guided us throughout all the steps. Were you satisfied with the level of service provided? Yes- great attention to detail was provided and Yvonne replied right away. Did you enjoy working with your paralegal specialist? Yes- looking forward to working with Yvonne again for the next process. Did we exceed your expectations with regards to communication, information provided, interview preparation, etc? Expectations were met. Good communication, detailed information and step by step preparation were provided. Thank you for all your help.

Janet T. (Texas) and Roman D. (Ukraine)
K1 fiancée Visa

Thank you Mr. Lawrence R Holmes for the meticulous and impeccable manner you worked on my case, l have renewed believe in lawyer’s. It was happenstance that I got to know you and I do not regret this. Thank you for being patient with us in all legal Web we could not understand and decode as a lay man. Thank you might seem like it means nothing but take it, as it contains my joy and relieve in all you have done for me. To the whole team Carolina and Melanie your professionalism cannot be measured. Am a Green Card holder courtesy to you and your tireless efforts. It seems no case is hard for you. For such an agonizing and long process you have always been a ray of light and hope and you saw me through and worked in record time. I will not hesitate to point your direction if any of my friends, family or colleagues need a legal professional head. BE BLESSED and good job

Darrel A. (Colorado) and Terence A. (Zimbabwe)
Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

We retained Larry to guide my wife through change of status to obtain green card. Our case took 2 years because of complications on our end. Throughout the entire process we always received quick replies, solid advice, and full attention of Larry and his paralegal Diana. They made the process as good as it could be given the requirement of USCIS. We consider the fee money well spent and have recommended their services to others in need.

John M. (Illinois) and Patricia L. (Germany)
Adjustment of Status

First of all, I would like to thank Lawrence R Holmes and his stuff for a great job. They made the entire process to be very easy. They were quick to answer any of my questions and extremely accurate and thorough with everything. I have been very thankful to have him as my lawyer! I recommend him and can guarantee you will be getting the best attorney and first-class client service every step of the way.

Romica H. (California) and Ana S. (Moldova)
Naturalization for Romica and Adjustment of Status for her Mother

I’d like to share my experienced to anyone that maybe at the beginning. Having Lawrence Holmes Immigration Attorney and Yvonne as our lawyer, was very critical in completing our fiancée visa, conditional green card, unconditional green card and naturalization. Yvonne walked us through every step of the way. She was available whenever we needed her. She always answered our emails and phone calls. I feel that the money we spent was well justified. I felt very confident having Lawrence Holmes and Yvonne on our side. I would highly recommend Lawrence Holmes and specially Yvonne for your immigration needs. We are very thankful for all the help we received.

Mark E. (Michigan) and Edmalyn T. (Philippines)

K1 fiancée Visa, Adjustment of Status, Removal of Condition and Naturalization

The law firm of Mr. Holmes were great! We hired Mr. Holmes to help my husband receive his green card. We got the first green card and rehired to receive his 10 year green card. Ms. Yvonne walked us through each step of the process and always answered our e-mails very quickly. I am so glad that we found Mr. Holmes to help us. I would most definitely recommend them for anyone who needs help in the immigration process.

Charlene B. (Arkansas) and Brett B. (U.K.)
Adjustment of Status (2 year green card) and Removal of Condition (10 year green card)

We would like to thank you so very much for helping us with our case in getting our marriage visa. We could not do this without you! We want to personally thank our paralegal specialist Yvonne for being so kind, friendly, caring, helpful, and pleasant, patient, and understanding throughout the entire process. She really did a great job in giving us all the paperwork and instructions on how and what to do. It took some time to get everything in order with a few bumps in the road with paperwork from both our sides. She answered all our questions promptly through both email and phone, and always made sure we were up to date with all the information to move us to the next step. When the NVC took a long time processing our case she went beyond our expectations and made calls to them and had them move our case forward to get it moving and we can’t thank her enough! We would like to thank you again for helping us and look forward to working with you again in the future for other family members. We will definitely be recommending your law firm to friends and family looking for immigration services also.

Rebecca V. (Pennsylvania) and Youness A. (Morocco)
CR1 Spousal Visa

I had Yvonne as my case manager. She was FANTASTIC! She was always there when I needed anything and she was always checking on my case. We retained them for the K1, Permanent Resident, 10 year Permanent Resident and I think we will for the US Citizenship. Sure, we could do everything ourselves and save the money on lawyer fees, but at the end of the day, we get advice, answer questions from professionals (not experience from others in the internet, cause every case is unique) we had reassurance all paperwork was correct and complete and the reassurance with multiple retaining that our paperwork goes through on the first try. Thank you Yvonne and thank you Lawrence Holmes, immigration attorney!

Douglas S. (South Carolina) and Jonalyn D. (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa, Adjustment of Status (2 year green card) and Removal of Condition (10 year green card)

The staff at Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney is extremely professional, pleasantly personal and very knowledgeable. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for assisting me in bringing my fiancée and I together from across the world with the K1 visa process. I couldn’t have done it without the help of our paralegal specialist Yvonne. Everything was handled quickly and easily and the process was all done mainly over email! I am all the way across the nation on the east coast and that fact didn’t even slow anything down. I am very happy with their assistance and am impressed with how easy they made it for me. I recommend the firm highly and am grateful for helping my fiancée and I start our new life together in the U.S.

David T. (North Carolina) and Milana T. (Serbia)
K1 fiancée Visa

I cannot say enough on how wonderful it was to work with this law firm their staff. Yvonne was incredibly friendly. What i appreciated was they were very straight forward on the process, no sugar coating lengths of time for each step. I find often we all want things to go as fast as possible when bringing our spouses to the United States. But if you do not do things correctly, cross every “T” and dot every “I”, the process could end up taking you longer. It is also true you get what you pay for, this law firm and its staff was worth every last dollar. Anyone reading this review, you must understand there are set fees for government forms, each of them, there is no way around that. I brought my wife from Romania here to USA. I could not have done this process on my own and i am a very detailed person. A simple overlooked mistake could set you back, months or years. Something else to consider and please read this part carefully. Most law firms if you called their offices trying to speak about your case for any length of time, they could easily charge you for that. With that being said please do not bombard their offices with questions if you can. They explain everything in their emails perfectly and highlight on the forms everything you are responsible for doing. And yes, its a team effort, your going to have to do your part in gathering the information they need. I mention the calling part because i did place several calls on different situations over the year and a half wait for my wife’s 10 year green card. And Yvonne was wonderful, taking the time to answer when truthfully she really didn’t have to and simply could have held to responding by email only. We cant thank Lawrence R Holmes, Trang, and Yvonne all enough for all the work they did for our case/file with immigration. These are the people you want handling such important matters. For some who complain about pricing, again you get what you pay for, if you go with some other super online cheap firm, that may well be what you end up with, cheap service. Lawrence R. Holmes and his staff are kind, professional, and i would not even think of going with anyone else. THANK YOU!

John D. (New York) and Mihaela D. (Romania)
K1 fiancée Visa, Adjustment of Status (Green Card) and Removal of Condition (10 Year Green Card)

Yvonne did a wonderful job. Was knowledgeable, kind and helpful throughout. Explained all the steps carefully, answered questions quickly, and processed documents professionally and with dispatch.

Ron. R (Missouri) and Kyung Y. (South Korea)
K1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

I am proud to let the public know that Lawrence Richard Holmes is a great lawyer, whom accomplishes his tasks without failure. He has been a tremendous help with our case, resulting in happiness from a significant wife. Thank you, and I hope you will be as helpful to other families as you were to mine.

Damar K. (Texas) and Sonjay K. (Jamaica)
K1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

Everything Mr. Lawrence discussed happened as planned. The support was perfect, every question answered, all filings perfect. We worked primarily with Yvonne, the paralegal. Super professional, friendly and absolutely accurate. She is AMAZING! Our process was over several years from initial entry through citizenship. I can not recommend more highly!

Rick V. (Texas) and Ingrid P. (Venezuela)
Adjustment of Status (Green Card), Removal of Condition (10 Year Green Card) and Naturalization (U.S. Citizenship)

L. R. Holmes and the paralegal assigned to my case were very efficient and ensured that I was fully informed regarding my petition. His staff was always available to me when I needed clarification on immigration jargon. My petition was approved within the time table requested. I hired Mr. Holmes thru his website.

Maria Bonita L. (Washington) and Ivonne F. (Canada)
CR1 Spousal Visa

Wei and I would like to say thank you to Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney for helping us getting Wei’s Green card. We specially would like to say thanks to Yvonne for the help that she had given us. With Yvonne’s help, it made the process in filling out the required paper, getting the proper documents and information on what we needed to know from the Biometrics to the Interview was most helpful. It seems filling out the forms, can be very confusing and frustrating, especially when you find out that the forms were not filled out correctly after the fact. With Yvonne’s help it made it a lot easier for us in filling out the forms and getting the required documents to send into Homeland Security, also I did not have to worry it the forms were filled out correctly, which was a relief off my mind. Wei and I recommend in using their service in obtaining your Green Card, Yvonne was great to work with and would not hesitate to use Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney again.

Ron G. (Colorado) and Wei G. (China)
Adjustment of Status (Green Card) and Removal of Condition (10 Year Green Card)

I retained the immigration law office of Larry Holmes to handle a difficult case for a K1/K2 visa. The service provided by Larry’s staff was excellent and the petition was successfully approved within a reasonable time. I would recommend the service of this office

to anyone in need of a competent attorney in immigration”

Duc T. (California) and Maria L. (Colombia)
K1 fiancée Visa and K2 Dependent Visa

Lawrence R Holmes handled our application for my fiancée. I’m from California and she is from Bhutan. Everything went very quickly and smooth with no snags. This is the second marriage they helped me with and hopefully the last. 😉

I highly recommend their services and as you can see I came back again.

Best of luck to everyone else on this long rewarding journey.

Gerard W. (California) and Sangay Y. (Bhutan)
K1 fiancée Visa

My name is Phillip Eftekhari, and my wife( Nargessadat Doostkhah) and I have been your clients for about a year. Just a few days we received Narges’s Green Card. I am writing to inform you that your firm has done an outstanding job and more specifically Yvonne has been so great and instrumental in achieving this. I am so proud that I have worked with your firm and your Paralegal Yvonne was so passionate, caring, knowledgeable and professional. From the time that our case was assigned to her she was so dedicated and accurate as if she was handling her own case. I must congratulate you for having such professional and wonderful Paralegal, handling your client.

In less than a year my wife, that at the time was my fiancée was able to get her K1 visa flawlessly and come to US, marry me and we all proceeded with Green Card application and went so smooth that I just cannot believe with the awesome work that was accomplished on our behalf. Her advice and pointers and as well as your own advice on a couple of occasions that I spoke to you were extremely accurate and important. You and Yvonne have experience, second to none in the immigration matters.

Jus for your information, the day that NARGES went to US embassy for her K1 VISA there were so many Iranians that had appointments for their VISA request, only a very few were able to get their VISA and my wife was one of them. Mainly because her paperwork was so perfect and no mistakes on it, and we had followed Yvonne’s directions.

We truly thank you and are grateful for your services as well as Yvonne’s. I am sincerely so fortunate to have chosen your firm one year ago.

We would very much like to ask you to keep us as your clients for very near future immigration matters as we continue in this endeavor.

Mr. Holmes, thank you

Yvonne thank you so much for all your kindness, dedication, time and effort that you gave us. We love you.

Phillip E. (Florida) and Narges D. (Iran)
K-1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status

From the very first phone call to Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney all the way through our AOS process, Yvonne was there for us at every second. I would have never expected such personalized lawyer attention and personalized service. Yvonne was very organized, always within communication, and just seemed to legitimately care about our case. My wife and I never felt like we were just numbers. the entire experience was a pleasure and we are both thrilled with the experience. Expectations were greatly exceeded and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks a ton Yvonne.

Dustin M. (New Mexico) and Frances M. (Canada)
Adjustment of Status Green Card)

Our experience was excellent! From our initial consultation to our Green Card, and then the removal of conditions, the entire process was easy, and our paralegal, Yvonne, was helpful at every step. We had friends going through the same process at around the same time as us, and they were amazed at how quickly we received our Green Card. My wife and I would both highly recommend your services for anyone just now starting this process – it is well worth it!

Ben D. (New Jersey) and Stephanie C. (Canada)
Adjustment of Status (Conditional Green Card) and Removal of Condition (10 Year Green Card)

We are extremely satisfied with Lawrence R. Holmes’ services. They were knowledgeable, efficient, patiently and quickly answered our many questions, and excellent in their quality of work. We highly recommend their services to anyone seeking an immigrant visa.

Elizabeth P. (Georgia) and Cleudes S. (Brazil)
CR1 Spousal Visa

From start to finish Lawrence Holmes and his staff were there to answer any questions or concerns that I had. He kept me updated on my case, and I would use him for future hire if needed.

Sam N. (Georgia) and Meseret G. (Ethiopia through UAE)
K1 fiancée Visa

I found Mr. Holmes quite by accident which proves that even chance encounters can have extraordinarily positive results. Mr. Holmes and Ms. Nunez kept with us during a very long visa process and were there with advice and quality experienced legal guidance every step of the way from initiation of the K-1 visa to the permanent resident process. Caring, kind and understanding with a willingness to see our ordeal through seems to be a hallmark of the Lawrence Holmes culture. Thank you for all you’ve done for us, the trust that we have for you cannot be measured.

Donald R. (Vermont) and Neng A. (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa, 2 K-2 Visas, 3 Adjustment of Status (Conditional Green Card), 3 Removal of Condition (10 year Green card)

This was a great experience for a very nerve wracking time. I worked with Heather Carnaje who was very helpful and answered my entire question with in a day or two by email. I was overseas during the whole process so email was the best form of communication and she was replying quickly. I would without a doubt recommend their services. My wife’s visa got approved and she walk me the whole way through thank you Heather for all the help.

Ismael P. (Maryland) and Chance P. (Burundi)
CR1 Spousal Visa

My fiancée and I are extremely grateful for the support and excellent care given to us by Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney and his excellent staff. They were always aware of our process and willing to answer all of our concerns, as well with the documents which everything had to be perfect, we didn’t have any delays or inconvenience; and always met the estimated times. We are extremely happy because now we can be together, throughout the process we have had their full support ,we are looking forward to work together with them again for the change of status.

Carlos G. (Florida) and Nathalie M. (Colombia)
K1 fiancée Visa

Dear Yvonne and Lawrence R Holmes,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me and my wife Melissa with our immigration case.

I reached you through online search, and I would describe it a pleasant and nice experience. Yvonne really was very helpful and cooperative though out the case. We are really satisfied and happy with your service.

Yvonne was very kind, patient, professional, and she always reply to queries in a timely manner. Her advice was always to the point and authentic and there were moments of panic and anxiety but she really help us to keep calm and relaxed by her professional advice and experience.

Me and my wife really thank you for your help and guidance. It really abled us to be together.

Melissa D. (Indiana) and Muhammad S. (Pakistan)
CR1 Spousal Visa

The whole experience was very pleasant, the entire staff are intelligent and well versed in what they do. Yvonne was the paralegal on our case and she is by far the jewel in their already ornate crown. There may be cheaper attorneys but remember you get what you pay for and they are worth it. When I meet so many others that struggled in this process for years, it is a blessing to say my wife and I took only 5 months.

Garry H. (Virginia) and Loredana R. (Romania)
K1 fiancée Visa

Attorney Holmes and his paralegal Heather has been wonderful every step of the way. Heather kept me informed throughout the entire process. Once my husband came to America on the fiancée visa and we got married we began the process of filing for his green card in November 2014 and he received the temporary 2 year conditional green card in January 2015. This has been such a smooth and painless process and I wholeheartedly recommend them to ANY ONE who needs help in the immigration filing process. Everyone who I speak to about how quickly everything went through was absolutely stunned. Heather also contacts you when it nears the expiration date of the conditional green card and will assist with the process of filing for the permanent green card if you wish. This office works fast, efficiently, and are dedicated to providing you with the best experience and service possible. 5 stars without a doubt! Thanks again Heather and Attorney Holmes for everything.

Jamilah J. (New York) and Rayan R. (Jamaica)
K1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status (Green card)

We hired Lawrence Richard Holmes to help us with our marriage visa almost 4 years ago. Yvonne his paralegal specialist worked with us every step of the way taking a lot of the guess work out of it for us. My green card has just been renewed and we will work with Yvonne to go through the Naturalization process. We just celebrate 3 yrs of being happily married:)

Spencer V. (California) and Valerie S. (Canada)
Adjustment of Status and Removal of Condition

Thank you so much for helping bringing my husband and I together, we have been waiting a very long time for this.

We were most satisfied with the level of service provided by Yvonne, she was very warm, easy to communicate with and friendly throughout the whole process.

She was very prompt when it came to answering our questions and reassured us and guided us every step of the way.

We never had to wait or ask the same question twice, even when she was out of office she made sure to notify us and if something occurred, we got the help we needed.

Information was very thorough and the interview preparation was in sync with what the immigration officer asked during the interview.

We will for sure contact the law firm of Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney for assistance if and when we will try and obtain immigration benefits for Oana’s relatives.

Jason W. (California) and Ioana W. (Romania)
IR-1 Spousal Visa

This is this is the best news ever! OMG. I Love you and all the work you and the Lawrence R Holmes team has done for us. It was scary in the beginning, therefore I’m so happy I switched to Larry and his team. God has surely blessed me and Jungho.

I will never forget you and at times I will check in to say hi. It is truly a blessing that we did not have to do an interview to receive his “Green Card” I’m just over joyed right now, even shedding some tears.

Once again Yvonne thank you so much and please know anyone who needs assistance with getting their fiancée and or family member to the U.S.A, I will refer them to you.

God Bless.

Lorene M. (New York) and Jungho K. (South Korea)
Takeover of previously filed K1 fiancée Visa Petition and Adjustment of Status

In 2012, my then fiancée Victoria and I contacted Lawrence R Holmes Immigration Services with questions about applying for my K1 visa to marry in the USA. After a phone conversation with Mr. Holmes, we decided to hire the firm to be our legal partners throughout the process.

The paperwork and other steps required to obtain a marriage visa proved to be a great challenge for both of us, and looking back I doubt we would have been able to handle it all without the help of our paralegal specialist Yvonne, who handled our case from start to finish. Later that year our application was approved and I moved from the UK to the USA to marry my fiancée in the state of Minnesota.

Since that day we have retained their services for my application for a work permit after first arriving in the US, the application for a green card, and just recently for a removal of conditions and renewal of my green card.

We are both very grateful for the assistance and advice we have received from Yvonne, who has been assisting us for almost 5 years now, and to everyone at the firm who helped us make our new life together.

Victoria I. (Minnesota) and Richard R. (U.K.)
K1 fiancée Visa, Adjustment of Status (Green card) and Removal of Condition

We had already relied on Lawrence Holmes services previously when my wife applied for and received her conditional green card in 2013. Me and my wife wanted to make sure we had the most qualified, professional and knowledgeable team to ensure the greencard process would go smoothly. And it did. So when it was time to apply to have the conditions removed from her green card for permanent resident status, we didn’t hesitate to go back to Lawrence Holmes. Their knowledgeable team–particularly Yvonne–did an amazing job of helping us gather all of the pertinent documents and materials we would need and got them sent out the next day. My wife received her greencard approval letter for removal of conditions in less than 2 months! Follow up and access to answer any questions or concerns we had was fantastic. Two thumbs up. Thanks especially to Yvonne, you’re hard work and dedication to your clients is the best!

Terry F. (North Carolina) and Svetlana M. (Latvia)
Adjustment of Status and Removal of Condition

The firm of Lawrence Holmes represented my wife and I for her immigration from Honduras, handling both the K-1 and Permanent Resident applications. Diana Nunez was responsible for our case, and she did a great job. Everything went very smoothly and she was always able to answer all of our questions and provide any needed guidance. My wife and stepsons now have their Permanent Resident cards. We will use this firm for any further immigration legal services we require. I also think that their fees were very reasonable for the services provided.

Richard H. (Oklahoma) and Dafne M. (Honduras)
K1 fiancée Visa, 2 K2 Dependent Visas, 3 Adjustments of Status (Green Cards)

Mr. Holmes, it’s with great satisfaction and gratitude that comes through this email and thank your team. Thanks for excellent work that you and your team did. It was one excellent professional. His team is very competent and Melanie was amazing too. Probably when you read this email will be on the plane in direction to meet my family in the USA. Please thank the whole team, Melanie, Caroline and all. Thanks for all the times when we ask something about our case; that you have more and more professional growth. I not have words to thank you.

I already read some testimonials on your site, I do not know if you ever had a case of Brazil, but I would like to post on its website all my gratitude for your company and employees. Thank you for being honest from our first contact with you and your team the bottom of my heart thank you for everything, you can be sure that I will always be grateful and always will point your business to people, have a excellent day, God bless to you and everyone around you, thanks again

Jennifer K. (Utah) and David K. (Brazil)
IR-1 Spousal Visa, I-601 Waiver and I-212 Waiver

I would like to take this moment to talk about my experience in my visa case with Yvonne at Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney. In the beginning of this process I was very lost in what documents I needed in order to apply for the visa, what would be my first step, where to send the documents and other questions. So my wife and I decided to send an email to Yvonne. Her first email was very clear about all the process and very ease to understand what was going be. My wife and I felt that we could trust on Yvonne to help us with the process. After we hired Lawrence R Holmes, Yvonne started instructing my wife and I about the process and every time we didn’t understand what was being required, we emailed her with questions and she used to responded right back making it very clear. I´m sure having Yvonne´s help made this process so much easier and faster. My process went really smooth with her help. I really appreciate the time and attention that she put on my case. I felt a lot comfortable having her assisting me with this process. She seems to be a very nice person and easy going. I would recommend Lawrence R Holmes’ paralegal Yvonne to anybody who is going through the visa process.

Lauren R. (Texas) and Felipe S. (Brazil)
CR-1 Spousal Visa

Wow, we have been at this for a while now and finally we have completed our task. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and that of my much beloved wife Yeniffer. Both of us are extremely thankful to you and your wonderful staff and firm.

We look forward to the time my wifes eligibility comes around for her Citizenship. She continues to learn English which as you say at this point, the post important next goal 🙂

Again thank you Diana and may God Bless you, your family and everyone at your firm. In Jesus Name, Amen!

Charles V. (California) and Yeniffer L. (Colombia)
K-1 fiancée Visa, Adjustment of Status and Removal of Condition

Dear Diana, I want to thank you for all your help obtaining Ketut’s visa. I can’t tell you how happy we were after spending only 45 minutes at the Embassy in Jakarta. During the one hour taxi ride back to the airport we could not stop smiling. I realize that it was my difficulty in providing you the necessary paperwork that took so long. I also want to thank you for your professionalism in listening to all my whining and ranting and never getting upset with me but just directing me to the next step. I am sending another email to your employer expressing my gratitude for your work and recommending they give you a raise. The first time Ketut and I come to the mainland we will absolutely take you to lunch and you have an open invitation if you ever get to the Big Island of Hawai’i.

Kerry D. (Hawaii) and Ketut D. (Indonesia)
IR-1 Spousal Visa

I found out Lawrence R Holmes from an online search. As is my nature, I searched for and spoke with several law firms before deciding upon Mr. Holmes. From my very first conversation with Mr. Holmes (He was knowledgeable, kind and so easy to talk with) right through the immigration hearing our experience was positive! As a side note, I have to mention that even after I had retained Mr. Holmes I was still receiving calls from other immigration attorneys and firms that I had left messages for inquiring about their services. The one common theme when they would return my call and inquire about whom I had retained was that Mr. Holmes had been in immigration law for a long time and that I had retained the best of the best. Diana assisted me in the beginning with all the initial paperwork and our case was than assigned to Trang. Trang was professional, knowledgeable and always quick to respond. I was disappointed and a bit panicked when our case was reassigned but from the moment Diana said she would be continuing our case to her congratulations after my wife was approved at her interview it was a great experience! Diana is knowledgeable, courteous, prompt to respond and was so empathetic to my moments of panic and uncertainty! Diana is my far one of the most patient individuals I have had the pleasure to work with and I’m grateful for how she handled our case! Now my wife and son are here in the United States from Vietnam and it’s time to work on Adjustment of Status. Anybody that searches online or spends any amount of time on immigration blogs will see and hear that there are many choices when it comes to receiving assistance with K1 visas. I hope that one of the greatest compliments that I can pay to Mr. Holmes and his team is that I retained them for round 2! I couldn’t think of any other team that I would want leading my family through this next stage our journey than Lawrence Holmes and Diana! If you are just reaching out as you begin your own immigration journey take a chance with Lawrence R. Holmes, you won’t be disappointed!

Jeanie P. (Texas) and Thuy N. (Vietnam)
K1 fiancée Visa and K2 Dependent Visa

We appreciate your congratulations for Manh-Thong being granted and received green card.

It is especially wonderful because.

1. The card arrived Dec. 24th. Christmas Eve Day! ( Most wonderful of gifts. No box is big enough for gifts that good)

2. The card status for expiration is for 10 years !

3. And the big bonus is that we did not have to go through the interview process !

The expert and proficient immigration services provided by Lawrence R. Holmes exemplify attention to detail, follow up, action and successful results. but most of all a genuine resolve and commitment for caring about foreign families being united to reside and remain together as a family in this great country of ours. The United States of America !

Manh-Thong is now the fourth member of our family from Paris, France that Lawrence R. Holmes has assisted and been successful attaining U.S. residency to complete our family.

This enables us to be stronger and happier family as we pursue new dreams for each of us. all together.

From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you !

Yvonne, it truly was a pleasure working with you. and especially talking with you when we did. I appreciate your professionalism. and you caring and friendly demeanor.

Keep taking good care of others. Your self too! Very Best Regards. Tim & Loan C.,

Dang, Thong and Martin

Tim C. (Minnesota) and Loan L. (Vietnam)
Adjustments of Status (4 Green Cards)

“After an Internet search, and reading about his qualifications and dedication to his profession, I hired Mr. Holmes to help guide my fiancée and me through the labyrinthine process of getting her K-1 visa. Based on that experience, we retained him through the successive steps of establishing her permanent residence, and ultimately her naturalization to US citizenship.

While we could have contacted Mr. Holmes directly at any point in the process, we dealt exclusively with Diana Nunez, who proved more than competent, capable and responsive to the myriad questions we had.

The task of gathering all the required documents and information, and properly presenting them to the government, can seem daunting. It quickly became apparent that we were well represented by a truly professional team, one in whom my wife and I had total confidence.

With the deepest respect and sincerity, thank you, Lawrence and Diana”

Tony C. (Virginia) and Ksenija C. (Serbia)
K-1 fiancée Visa, Adjustment of Status, Removal of Condition and Naturalization (U.S. Citizenship)

They are the best! Yvonne is such a blessing! Our case was managed from Canada and it was just as easy as if they were next door!

Gail B. (Florida) and Gregory D. (Canada)
IR-1 Spousal Visa

We hired Lawrence Holmes for our immigration processing which Yvonne was our Paralegal Specialist. We filed for Removal of Condition on our own but the immigration asked for more evidence. We should of hired Lawrence Holmes from the very beginning of this process. After hiring Lawrence Holmes, Yvonne was assigned to our case. She was very nice and polite on the phone, answered any question that we asked, was very helpful advising us for what we needed, always got back to us very promptly and I felt the service fee was very fair. We highly recommend Lawrence Holmes and Yvonne as the Paralegal Specialist – which our case went through with great success.

Mark E. (Michigan) and Edmalyn T. (Philippines)
K-1 fiancée Visa

I hired Lawrence Holmes’ office to help me with my now-husband’s K-1 fiancée visa as well as his adjustment of status (green card) application. I had the blessing of working with Yvonne during the whole process. Yvonne is nothing short of amazing; professional, knowledgeable, personable, and understanding. During the K-1 Visa process, I was nervous about all the paperwork and of course wanted everything to go smoothly and quickly. Yvonne was so kind and took the time to answer EVERY question I had, via email or on the phone. She has done this for years and knows her stuff- and she also is very patient and understands that this process is a difficult one. She never made me feel like my questions or concerns were a burden. Our process went much, much smoother and quicker than that of friends’ who decided to do it on their own, without a lawyer. I also loved that the law office did not nickle-and-dime me for their help. For example, each time we needed to send paperwork to immigration (or to me, as I was living in another state at the time) we were not charged extra for postage or shipping. My numerous email and phone conversations were never added to my bill. Yvonne even printed photos of my husband and I to submit with the paperwork when I didn’t have access to a printer! I could go on and on but to sum it up I am SO grateful that I decided to get the help of Lawrence Holmes Law Office. I would 100% recommend working with them and especially amazing Yvonne! Thank you so much!

Danielle M. (Utah) and Rony M. (Honduras)
K1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status

Thank you Danielle for guiding us thru this gauntlet. You were right there with us from the beginning and keeping us informed with each next step including Karen’s approved immigration!

How do we rate Danielle

Dependable A+

Knowledgeable A+

Thorough A+

Informative A+

Competent A+

Frankly, the immigration process is overwhelming. One mistake, one missed line on a form and everything.everything goes back to square one. WHO WANTS THAT???

Mr. Holmes didn’t invent the green card he simply helps married folks like us get one so we can live in the USA together.

Thank you Danielle,

Thank you Larry,

Without the two of you, we couldn’t be the two of us.

With warmth,

(Look forward to working with you in 18 months for Karen’s permanent residency)

Gavic C. (Tennessee) and Karen C. (United Kingdom)
Adjustment of Status

Yvonne was the one to help me from before I travelled to the US till the day I got my citizenship.
She is amazing at what she does and a very nice person too.
Every question I had was answered almost immediately. Everything was done in a timely manner, it almost felt like I was talking to her in person because she was always there when I needed help.
I would recommend this attorney to anybody who needs help in immigration process.
And Yvonne simply THE BEST!

P.S. sad to see some people left them bad reviews:
After almost 4 years of using them I can say I’ve never found them incompetent, irresponsive or dishonest!

Kevin M. (Oregon) and Jennie M. (Azerbaijan)
Adjustment of Status, Removal of Condition and Naturalization

My Wife and I Heard about Lawrence R Holmes through a friend who had just completed the Journey with his wife to the US. As soon as we called we felt as though we were in good hands. Yvonne was assigned our case and from start to finish she was calm, precise, punctual and professional. Any questions or concerns we had she answered immediately. the whole process was a lot quicker than we first anticipated and i believe it was because we used Lawrence R Holmes from the start of the K1 visa to Green Card in Hand was 11 months! We can’t thank you guys enough and would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about it to give these guys a call.

Amy W. (Utah) and Dan W. (Australia)
K-1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

Sam & I would like to express our sincerest thanks to you and the team at Lawrence R Holmes who have been involved in handling our case. It was an emotional and quite daunting task in the beginning and we really didn’t know where or how to start but from the very first phone call to your offices we felt that we were in expert hands. The advice and support we have received has been excellent and we always felt able to make contact and ask questions throughout the process. Overall, it has been a very smooth ride which we are most appreciate of, and we would have no hesitation to recommend your services to others in the future. Thank you again for all your efforts.

Sam H. (New York) and Lindsay C. (Great Britain)
Adjustment of Status

Sinceramente es la mejor decisión que hicimos, son unos grandes profesionales! Antes de contratarlos consultamos con otros abogados, pero no hay comparación con el conocimiento de la materia q tiene el Sr. Holmes.
Durante todo el proceso te sientes muy bien asesorado. En nuestro caso, en concreto, la paralegal assistant Carolina que nos ha asesorado durante el proceso y ha hecho un seguimiento de nuestro caso ha sido una profesional excepcional. No dudaría ni un minuto en volver a contratarlos o recomendarlos. Muchas gracias por su paciencia!

Craig E. (North Carolina) and Maria E. (Spain)
Adjustment of Status

Speaking from experience, we strongly recommend you do not try to go through the immigration process without hiring a lawyer. A good law office will help you through this difficult, challenging process and stay with you until you have your Visa in hand.
We were so blessed to have chosen the law office of Lawrence Holmes and helped through the process by Yvonne. She is truly the best! She guided us step by step, was very, very supportive and stayed in close contact with us throughout the whole process. Yvonne, you really are awesome and we thank you from our hearts everyday.

Carla A. (Wisconsin) and Amjad N. (Lebanon)
CR-1 Spousal Visa

I came to the United States on fiancée visa and my case was quite complicated, as my now husband and I are 36 years apart in age. On top, we had only met once and were already denied the visa once. After 2 years of unsuccessful attempts, my fiancée and I hired Holmes’ services. As soon as we hired them, things started happening really fast and I had visa in my hand in less than a year. Kudos to their excellent team. My husband and I also hired them for my green card processing. I had the green card and work authorization card on the 90th day of our applying. I am completely satisfied with their services and intend to hire them for the removal of conditions procedure as well. 🙂

Larry B. (Kentucky) and Sarah A. (Pakistan)
K-1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status

I chose Mr. HOLMES firm right after a call that I had placed to his office discussing a K1 visa. At the end of the conversation I Knew confidently that Holmes’ firm was what I would be comfortable with. He explained everything and taking his time and came across as a straight shooter right of the start. I was not even charged any money for all the generous consultation that he extended to me. My case was assigned later to Ms. Yvonne who I have so much admiration and respect for her due to her diligence, care, friendliness, rich knowledge and professionalism that I had honestly never seen from a law firm. This lady handled my case so well and successfully with so much love and care that has blown me away. From the time we filed for the k1 visa to my fiancée’s arrival took 3 months and a few days. Yvonne was always so available with her advice and resolving specific issues that I had felt my case is being handled with so much genuine care. She is an asset to the firm and to all clients that are being cared for by her. I really feel lucky for doing business with Holmes firm and most importantly being handled and cared for by Yvonne. I never felt out of the loop, I was always well informed by her and well advised. I remember on a late afternoon she dedicated and sacrificed her personal time just so she can answer my concerns and that was the day before my fiancée’s interview in Abu Dhabi. Without her help we probably could have not had a successful interview. I am so grateful to Holmes firm and specifically to Yvonne. Well done Mr. Holmes for having such qualified and caring people for your clients. You guys are the best in the business of Immigration matters.

Phillip E. (Florida) and Narges D. (Iran)
K-1 fiancée Visa

We hired Lawrence R. Holmes to assist us with an adjustment of status (green card via marriage), we were very new to the process and had such short notice. The team was very professional, in particular our contact Carolina. The process was surprisingly easy going was a success. We are very impressed and will recommend 100%!”

Alexander L. (Washington) and Andrea L. (Colombia)
Adjustment of Status

My husband and I chose to go with Lawrence Holmes as I am from the Bahamas and he is an American. We started this process with me being fiancée and I will not lie it has been a long sometimes frustrating process, however Diana (the Paralegal Specialist) my husband and I were assigned got us through everything. She was so patient with us when we had a million questions and she was so reliable.

There are a lot of scams out there but this is legit and I would recommend them 100%.

Curtis K. (Georgia) and Krystine B. (Bahamas)
K1 fiancée Visa, Adjustment of Status, Removal of Condition


I’ll never be able to express how grateful we are for the exciting times we had with Diana Nunez from Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney. Until just recently we were in two parts of the world but Diana has changed all of that, now all four of us are together. 2015 has truly been a blessing to all of us made possible by Diana’s persistence for several years. I found her to be consistently pleasant, and reassuring, tackling all our concerns with dedication and a smile. Besides being a joy to work with, Diana never rested until we are no longer apart. She has successfully brought us all under one roof. Thank you for making this Christmas coming up an unforgettable one. Happy Holidays!

Eric E. (Virginia) and Hazel M. (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa, Adjustment of Status, Removal of Condition, Two IR2 Visas


First of all, I’d like to thank Larry because he gave us best service and Heather is the best paralegal case handler who take care our case. I knew this lawyer by searching on Google. But when we signed contract to start our CR1 visa, we knew how awesome they were.
Larry gave us flexible payment for my husband and it helped us a lot after my husband left military. After that Heather took care our case and she is the best nice lady we worked with. She always reply all our queries and give us clearly information. I’m grateful for their help so much. They help our case complete perfectly. I highly recommend this lawyer to all of you who read my review. I introduced this lawyer to my friends and they felt the same mine. We love you Larry and Heather. Once again, Thanks for all you did for us. I hope your business will be great in the future. If you have 100 stars, I will rate all stars for this lawyer office – Larry and Heather.

Justan W. (Ohio) and Candy P. Vietnam)
CR1 Spousal Visa


I recently obtained my Green Card through the expert guidance and thorough work of These people know their business. I had no idea how to proceed with my application but Danielle did all the steps, including helpful tips for my interview. My application from start to finish went without a hitch. Great job and thank you. I would highly recommend using this firm for immigrating to the USA.

Annette D. (California) and Mark P. (Canada)
Adjustment of Status and Subsequent Removal of Condition


Lawrence R Holmes and his associate, Heather Carnaje provided outstanding service throughout our spousal visa process. They always responded promptly to our emails and phone calls. We made a change of plans mid-way through our process, and Ms. Carnaje’s expertise provided us with precisely the correct guidance to make our spousal visa process successful. Although we communicated almost entirely with Ms. Carnaje, Mr. Holmes also provided prompt and excellent guidance when needed. There were no extra fees charged whatsoever. Mr. Holmes and Ms Carnaje provided the best customer service that I have received from any business in a very long time. I have already recommended this outstanding legal firm to others. Don’t waste your time looking elsewhere.

James B. (California) and Gloria R. (Philippines through UAE)
K1 fiancée Visa


Professional and Knowledgeable! Most of my interaction was with Larry Holmes Paralegal Specialist, Heather. Heather is extremely knowledgeable and always answered my questions thoroughly and expeditiously. Because of Heathers knowledge, thoroughness and organizational skills, our application was processed without any issues or additional supporting documentation. My wife received her green card in only 5 months when estimates on the USCIS site was 9 months! Thank you Heather and Larry! I look forward to working with both of you again when my wife is ready to apply for US citizenship.

Walter S. (Massachusetts) and Shiela G. (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa


I had received my CR1 visa followed by my Green Card by taking services from Lawrence R. Holmes with the assistance from his paralegal/case handler Diana, about two years ago. I this time needed some more assistance regarding ‘Removal of Conditions” from my ‘Green Card’ and I once again took the services from them without even a single doubt about the quality of service and I’m glad to say that I have received my Green Card with the conditions removed, valid for 10 years! I especially thank Diana for addressing my questions and concerns and for overall excellency of her services, like no other. My marriage is not only successful but my family is now growing with the addition of my baby the newest family member. Oh yeah, one more important thing, my brother got married and guess who I referred him to file for his wife’s immigration? well, you guessed it right with Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney, with the assistance of Diana.

I also referred many of my friends to this firm. I truly thank you for being with me.

Mohammadi M. (Illinois) and Abu S. (India through UAE)
CR1 Spousal Visa and Removal of Condition


My husband and I hired Mr. Holmes to apply for adjustment of status. The assistance and help was beyond my expectation and the team was very professional upon working with our case worker Ms. Yvonne. Our case was done in a timely manner and beyond earlier than we expected. I received my conditional green card after just 3 months. I’m also planning to make use of their services again to remove the conditions. I would gladly recommend Mr. Holmes and his team. You will not be disappointed.

Ron L. (Georgia) and Astride L. (South Africa)
Adjustment of Status


Yvonne helped my wife and I come together and get married after a difficult beginning. The whole process took a very long time but Yvonne guide us through every step of the way. Breaking down what seemed a very long and daunting process into a very manageable approach. Her knowledge of the process was fantastic, always ready to listen to our issues and offer sound advice. Going through this process has been a very long and trying journey. One without her extensive help would not have been possible. My wife and I would definitely recommend her services not just to a friend but to anyone thinking about going down that road. We strongly agree she handle our case with the up most professionalism in a punctual and polite manor. She made us feel comfortable and confident in a long and daunting process what has brought us together and are the better because if it. We sincerely appreciate all of her hard work and dedication.

Crystal T. (Pennsylvania) and Howard I. (United Kingdom)
K1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status


This law firm was very professional and well-organized throughout the entire visa process. I hired them to assist in obtaining a spousal visa for my wife, who is Chinese. All required documents were filed in a timely manner and their knowledge of the process was excellent. They were readily accessible and patient in answering my numerous questions. Our paralegal Heather was outstanding. I would highly recommend them.

John L. (Illinois) and Mary Z. (China)
CR1 Spousal Visa


My parents got their green card two weeks ago, they are happy and excited. Thanks so much for all your help and professionalism. Every immigration process through you was easy and always 100% guarantee. You are amazing.

Hugo H. (California) and Maureen N. (Costa Rica)
K1 fiancée Visa, 5 K2 Dependent Visas, 6 Adjustment of Status (Green Cards), 6 Removal of Condition, 2 IR5 Parent Visas


Mr. HOLMES and his team was with us from the very beginning to the end. The service is quite efficient and professional. Even though they are professionals, they treat you like a close neighbor. Mr. HOLMES and his staff mean what they say when they say “We are with you every step of the way”. They stay on top of everything and always notify you upon every completion of each step. Hats off to Yvonne! She is a great team member of Mr. HOLMES firm. She is professional and very much human. These people care and they will help you be with the one you love. You can succeed, like us, by choosing Mr. HOLMES and his firm. We highly recommend them!

Roger P. (Florida) and Nicole D. (France)

Adjustment of Status

My wife and I have used Lawrence R Holmes as our immigration attorney on 2 occasions. We are very happy with the services provided. We were guided through the processes by our legal specialist: Yvonne. Yvonne is fantastic. She fully prepared us for all steps and ensured we had all the required documents to ensure a smooth approval (on both occasions). We highly recommend this service to all.

Philip K. (Florida) and Karine S. (Brazil)
CR1 Spousal Visa and Removal of Condition

I’m an American and fell in love with a beautiful, fascinating Brazilian Amazon Indian woman, Hiracy. Due to our ages she is 28 and I am 69 years we never dreamed we could ever really be married and she could really be here as my wife beside me 24 hours a day. She taught me Portugues and I taught her some English. We talked by Skype day and night and her family and I all built a great relationship. At one point we decided we both wanted to get married and of course her come to America with me.

I searched online and found Attorney Holmes, never dreaming he would be so friendly and his staff would be so kind and helpful to us. They began to help us and we decided it would be all the way with them to represent us.

We began the process sometime last year 2014 in about August – every single step of the way went just as they said it would. Every time they received a notice or we did we were instantly in contact.

We had been very nervous about the interview but the visa was approved.

Our last hurdle, which we gladly hired Mr. Holmes and Danielle who did everything again for us, was our adjustment of status (green card process). We were perfectly prepared by Danielle and the interview went much easier than we thought.

They just notified us today that my wife’s Green Card has been approved and on the way. Her social security card is also on the way and now we are free to travel the world and she can get a job if she wants and learn English and Get a driver’s license. and such.
Although it has some conditions, we are ecstatic now – but a year ago we had many obstacles to jump.

It has been a long and arduous mission, but we have done it! Mission completed!

Their fee was worth its weight in gold. They walked us through the entire process. I didn’t have to worry if I had it right or wrong – and when we were in an interview – we were so well prepared they hardly looked at our documents.

Many blessings to the Angels and Geniuses at Lawrence Holmes, Attorneys!

Del H. (Arizona) and Hiracy O. (Brazil)
K-1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

Yvonne is one of the most amazing professionals and human beings with whom one could ever work and have the pleasure of knowing. To say that we (my fiancée Oksana and I) admire and possess a life time of Gratitude for Yvonne is an understatement. People like Yvonne are rare in this world and to have Yvonne touch your life and then additionally improve it is, well, humbling and life changing.

Yvonne is the most competent legal professionals in the immigration law industry. She has a 100% track record to date for I-129F petition approvals at USCIS; and if you are lucky enough to be a client of hers, you will rapidly understand the reason for her success. Yvonne is a perfectionist and over-achiever. She cares about her clients and does not see them as “cases.” She takes a personal interest in the success of her clients and their happiness. Her amazing work product, generosity of spirit, care and conscientiousness is immeasurable.

My case was probably one of the most challenging that one could ever endeavor to engage. I was previously married 3 times and each was to a foreign bride (2 times for a few months and once for 8 years). I had petitioned and received 4 fiancée visas previously. I was therefore a multiple filer, needing waivers, and with, let’s face it, a sub-optimal track record with the USCIS. Yvonne and the Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney Law Firm knew this of course, intimately; and still Yvonne gladly accepted my case. Yvonne’s submission to the USCIS on my behalf was beyond thorough and comprehensive. Every trip I made with my fiancée prior to our petition submission and literally every element of contact (electronic or physical) I had with my fiancée during every part of the visa process, including after the petition submission and before the interview, Yvonne was thinking about us, making suggestions, reminding us about gathering additional proof of the relationship and even developing creative ideas to further prove the relationship beyond conventional thoughts. Yvonne’s mission in life was to get our case approved. Anytime she could contemplate a way to strengthen our case, she did. Throughout the entire process, although setting my and our expectations at each step along the way, Yvonne was enthusiastic, supportive, sensitive and a wonderful friend to us. It never mattered to Yvonne if she was busy with other cases, on the phone with USCIS or the National Visa Center or the Consulate, she always made time for us. She never complained about how much time we utilized (we used a lot of her time over the course of the visa process) or how busy she was or other commitments she had; she always made us feel most important; and her work product and attitude and professional and personal investment in us, reflected as such. Because of my sub-optimal filing history with USCIS, Yvonne spent a lot of time assisting us and preparing our petition, prior to filing. Newly divorced, I wanted to file as early as possible, but Yvonne wanted to ensure our success. Accordingly we followed her excellent advice and filed when she advised. Incredibly, my petition for fiancée visa interview was approved within approximately 3 1/2 months of filing. Then Yvonne again went beyond the call of duty and worked with the National Visa Center to accelerate that process. Less than 45 days after petition approval, my fiancée and I were interviewing at the U.S. Consulate in Kiev. Yvonne realistically told us that despite a technical, statistical 50/50 chance of approval at interview, we would prevail by preparing for the interview (again as I was a multiple filer). She provided us with sample interview questions, contacted us literally every day before the interview, fielded a constant salvo of questions from me (also every day) prior to the interview and made sure that we were completely ready. Yvonne knew deep down that we would get approved at the interview, but she always maintained her professional realism while supporting us beyond comprehension. The interview was challenging for us given my history. However, I remembered everything that Yvonne had told us and her advice was spot on and top of mind during the interview. Happily our interview was successful and my petition for fiancée visa was approved. My fiancée Oksana and I are now together in America, living happily ever after; all thanks to Yvonne.

I wish all of you petitioners and beneficiaries are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Yvonne. There is no better immigration professional and human being on this earth than Yvonne. She is a blessing to behold.

David B. (Nevada) and Oksana S. (Ukraine)
K1 fiancée Visa

I first hired Larry Holmes to guide me through getting my wife and daughter a visa to join me in the USA two years ago.

I made the decision to hire Larry after over a year of frustration in personally trying to get these Visa’s. My challenges included travelling half way around the world to meet with my own US Embassy and being treated rather poorly by our own embassy personnel. My wife had to go to the Embassy three times and was humiliated each time by the same personnel.

I am an aerospace engineer, and I am used to doing a lot of research to find facts. When I searched for an immigration attorney I discovered that all the websites made the same promises with the exception of Larry Holmes. I called several of these Law Firms before Larry and they all made the same claims. When I got around to speaking with Larry personally, I knew right away that Larry was the ONLY attorney that understood the new laws and practices for immigration.

Larry’s staff was excellent in helping my wife getting her spouse visa two years ago. The day they arrived in the USA, 100% of all their paperwork was properly completed and Green Cards were issued so fast I couldn’t believe it.

After two years in the USA, I hired Larry Holmes to extend my family’s green cards. We were very concerned to get all of the Visa extension completed in a timely manner because the Green cards were about to expire right as we were returning from our first trip overseas to visit family. Larry’s assistant Yvonne handled everything perfectly according to the timing of our plans.

Now less than a month after returning from overseas, and these Visa’s have been extended with no problems at all. Great thanks to Yvonne for taking good care of us.

I definitely plan to hire Larry again next year when the time comes for my wife and daughter to gain citizenship.

This has been money well spent for us after first seeing how poorly the US Government Immigration System treats applicants both in the USA and overseas at the Embassy. I will tell you I felt like I was in a Martin Scorsese movie when I tried to go it alone. With Larry on my side it was a completely different story. When you hire a good attorney like Larry Holmes, the government knows you are serious about your application.

Larry is a Vietnam Veteran who went on to a career as an attorney. Thank you for your service back then, and thank you for coming home and making a difference representing those of us that need your help.

Richard M. (California) and Ariana M. (Indonesia)
CR1 Spousal Visa and CR2 Dependent Visa, 2 Adjustment of Status, 2 Removal of Conditions

Yvonne, our paralegal case handler, has been extremely patient and was always ready to move forward in the process while we dealt with a very slow foreign government and court system! But after over three years it’s finally winding down and I am absolutely using Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney for Adjustment of Status support! Would recommend Yvonne to anyone!

Cyle T. (California) and Michelle N. (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa

With having the struggles and circumstances that I did while going through this process, you have assured me that things will work out as long as I do my part. I really appreciate the consistency and feedback. I felt with any question I had, I was confident enough to come to you about it and get an answer. I felt you had so much patience dealing with my obstacles I kept running into whether it be a financial issue or just family issues. I cannot thank you and Lawrence Holmes Immigration Attorney enough. This has been a long nightmare for my husband and I, but you gave us direction and guidance. The most amazing feeling was at the end of the interview hearing that we were approved for William’s green card. I would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you so much.

Lupe K. (California) and William R. (Australia)
Adjustment of Status

WORLD CLASS SERVICE! Personal attention from a dedicated team of superior professionals who sincerely care about you and your loved one. Marshallee (Jamaica) and I can echo all of the other folks you see in all the rest of these testimonials. Never experienced hiring someone from so far away (I’m in New Orleans), but that first phone call with Mr Larry truly set my mind at ease. I had initially inquired about a fiancée visa, with the intention of marrying in the U.S. during the 90 day window. But after our discussion revealed that she had already been denied a tourist visa on several occasions due to “no compelling reasons to return (to Jamaica)” {.all of her family and friends.???!}, he bluntly asked me, “Do you want to marry the girl?” When I immediately answered “Yes”, he plainly told me to “get yourself down there, marry her THERE, and we’ll bring her here as your WIFE!” That was it. I was SOLD! Not only that, but simply the fact that I went to the extent of hiring an immigration attorney made a HUGE impact on Marshallee’s family and friends, especially her Mom and her best friend! They knew then that I was truly serious, and it made such a difference in their willingness to support her in her decision to leave her home country. This is a very lengthy process, and Mr Larry’s staff, especially our paralegal, Trang, was incredibly responsive to any and all requests from Marshallee and myself. In particular, during our process, the Immigration Service decided to upgrade their system from using printed forms to online forms! We were instantly alerted by Trang to this change, and swiftly submitted the required documents so we experienced the least amount of delay possible. No telling how long all that would have taken us without the outstanding expertise of the folks who were always at the ready, and looking out for us!

The most significant impact of having Mr Larry and his staff on your team is at the moment of truth. when your loved one steps up to that window. The interviewer at the embassy has a professionally prepared packet before them. They know that this person at the counter is NOT ALONE, and that they are represented by an attorney from the U.S. ! That already speaks volumes in favor of “proof of a sincere relationship” before your loved one even opens their mouth!

My wife came in with a large 3 ring binder of our correspondence, bank records, tax returns, phone bills (YIKES!). Imagine her reaction when the interviewer told her she didn’t really need all of that, he had everything he needed right in front of him! He only asked maybe a dozen questions at most, including if she had any recent photos of the two of us together. Her confidence soared when she sweetly told him, “Of course!” “We have some we took outside a few minutes ago, but my husband is holding my phone. shall I go fetch him?” His next question, “Will you be leaving the country immediately after this interview? because your visa is APPROVED!” When she exited the embassy and rounded the corner, I didn’t even have to ask how it went, she was only about four feet off the ground!

Our gratitude cannot be measured, and the difference in our lives is beyond my ability to describe in words. Too bad I don’t have a way of adding the sound of our hearts beating alongside each other for the purpose of this testimonial. just use your imagination! Believe me, it is a VERY happy sound!

Currently, we are looking forward to removing Marshallee’s “conditional” status in the coming months, and once we pass the three year mark, she will apply for U.S. citizenship. Naturally, we will seek out Mr Larry Holmes and his tremendous staff at kvisas to ensure an absolutely flawless process!

God Bless y’all

David Z. (Louisiana) and Marshallee B. (Jamaica)
CR1 Spousal Visa

“We cannot give enough praise for all that Lawrence R Holmes Immigration Attorneys did for us! We had initially spoken with Christopher in relation to our case, where he explained the immigration process to us very clearly and what was involved. We decided to hire them for their services which was the best decision we ever made. We were assigned Diana Nunez as our paralegal and she was very professional and understanding throughout the whole process. She was always very helpful with any questions we had and always on point with responses and deadlines. We were approved for my wife’s residency status with condition. Two years later we re-hired there services to have the conditional status removed. We have now been approved for my wife’s permanent residency status and could not be happier! Diana and team made such a stressful time so much easier for us as we always felt like we were in good hands. We could never have gone through this journey without their help. We could never thank you enough for all you have done for us!” Many thanks again for all your help.

Charles F. (California) and Anastasia G. (Australia)
Adjustment of Status and Removal of Condition

My husband Mostafa and I (American citizen) lived in Luxor, Egypt. I had moved to Egypt in early 2010 and we purchased a home, planning to live there. My husband is a Spanish Tour Guide. Unfortunately, the political situation began to deteriorate and due to increasing violence the tourists stayed away. In addition, anti-American sentiments increased and I no longer felt safe. We decided to begin the green card process for my husband. Our situation was by no means ordinary due to a rather large age difference, which meant more hurdles to overcome. We knew that we needed a great lawyer to assist us. After a long search we decided to retain Mr. Holmes’ firm. YVONNE, a paralegal specialist at the firm, guided us step by step via emails, long-distance telephone calls, documents shipped from Egypt to California and vice versa, and prepared Mostafa for his personal interview at the American Embassy in Cairo. We needed a lot of additional information to bolster our case and to prove that our marriage is authentic. Cancelled appointments due to Embassy closings and subsequent rescheduling made the scenario even more challenging. The interview finally happened but we needed additional documents to prove our case. Step-by-step Yvonne pulled us through. Mostafa received the visa and we traveled to he US in January of 2013. 2 years after our entry into the US, Yvonne assisted us in removing the conditions of the temporary green card and Mostafa was approved for the permanent green card. It will not end there, because in October Mostafa will again retain the firm to begin his citizenship process. I am convinced we could not have achieved our goal without Yvonne’s professional expertise.

Karin C. (New York) and Mostafa G. (Egypt)
CR1 Spousal Visa and Subsequent Removal of Condition

It was a pleasure working with the staff of Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney. The specialist we were assigned to, worked with us from getting all the appropriate paperwork completed to get his initial green card for two years. We also hired them again to get the conditions removed on the green card. We did have to go for an interview with USCIS and our specialist was there for us providing us what type of documentation to take to the interview and questions to study before the interview. It was a stressful situation but I could always email or call her and she would give me advice on what to do. My husband now has his 10 year green card.

Cindy T. (Kentucky) and Said B. (Morocco)
CR1 Spousal Visa with 2 year green card and 2 years later Removal of Condition for 10 year green card

Delpa’s US Visa is approved. Our US Embassy Manila appointment went very well. It was a slow process, took all day from 7am-4pm. (we had a 730am appt.) they asked about 10 questions, 2 of me and 8 from Delpa. Those who had attorneys, the interview lasted about 15-25 minutes, but they were still fumbling with their papers and evidence. We were very well prepared, thanks to you and Mr. Lawrence Holmes. Our apt. lasted 5 minutes. The Embassy Interviewer was pleased to see we had all the required information and plenty of evidence. Hope to work with your law firm in the future for the AOS and Green Card.

Brian P. (Florida) and Delpa B. (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa and K2 Dependent Visa


Geoffrey C. (California) and Rainilda R. (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa, 2 K2 Dependent Visas, 3 Adjustment of Status

I highly recommend the law office of Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney. Although I only spoke to Mr. Holmes when I hired his firm, his extremely competent paralegal specialist, Diana Nunez, handled our immigration case. She was both professional and expedient. Every single step of the process was on time, and the process was carefully explained to us from beginning to end. We were able to reach our paralegal specialist anytime we needed her and have only glowing praise of how well she handled our case. We have not one complaint about the services they provided, and due to their efficiency, my husband received his Green Card within the timeframe that they quoted me at the time I hired them.

Jayne D. (Arkansas) and Jean L. (Canada)
Adjustment of Status

Danielle was so helpful during our spousal visa process, couldn’t have done it without her. She was always only a phone call or an email away. I hear stories of people trying to file on their own. I don’t know how they would have done it! Thanks to the whole Lawrence Holmes office for everything!

Steve W. (New Jersey) and Melanie B. (Canada)
CR1 Spousal Visa

“Hiring Lawrence R Holmes and his team to assist my husband and I with my immigration into the U.S was the best decision we could have made! From the initial phone call to discuss our options through to the excitement of learning of the success of our petition, they have been with us every step of the way offering advice and answering any questions or queries we had. The process was smooth and simple, and at no point did my husband or I feel worried or concerned about what was happening as we knew we could trust and rely on Mr. Holmes’ team. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an effective and professional immigration attorney. ”

William A. (Florida) and Bethany L. (Australia)
Adjustment of Status

I researched a lot of lawyers, spoke with some, and I ended up choosing Lawrence R Holmes. Interestingly enough he was not even in my state, but that’s how comfortable I was with him. He’s a really good lawyer because he had me at hello. His staff is simply amazing and was always there to help with questions, etc. He was able to give me assurance and confidence in moving along with a decision that was very difficult to even begin. I highly recommend him because I believe him and his staff are dedicated, professional, and just downright caring.

Latasha J. (Illinois) and Candy J. (Jamaica)
Adjustment of Status

Naturally we were very nervous about starting the legal process of obtaining a green card after we got married, and never would we have thought that it would have be such an easy and straight-forward process. This was thanks to Mr. Holmes’ team and our assigned paralegal Ms.Danielle Loftus. Usually in this type of process the worst feeling one could get is ‘not knowing’ or being in the dark about what is happening with your case, however we never felt that with the service we were receiving. After being able to speak with Mr. Holmes on the phone we felt confident, he never rushed us, he was understanding and he listened with genuine interest. After securing our services with him, I am happy to say that every single e-mail we sent was answered, every call we placed was received or we were called back within the hour by our paralegal. Upon every step of the way Ms. Loftus was there to guide us and seemed as excited as we were every time things went well. I would 100% recommend their immigration services to anyone who’s looking for a reliable, economical and stress-free immigration process.

Audrey H. (Louisiana) and Kabir H. (Panama)
Adjustment of Status

I was really impressed with the immigration law firm of Lawrence R Holmes, the timing of the responses I received when I asked questions. I liked the fact that they are knowledgeable with Columbian Visas. I also liked the patience Diana had with me, since I asked many questions throughout the course of the Visa. There were a couple times when I had to ask very specific questions to get the answer I needed to hear.

Robert W. (Arizona) and Maria C. (Colombia)
CR1 Spousal Visa

Thank you so much to Yvonne and everyone at Lawrence R Holmes Attorney. From the beginning you were all friendly and helpful. You patiently walked my fiancée and I through the entire immigration process. It took a while but you were always there to help us. Now we are married and my wife has her green card and we are looking forward to a long and happy life together. Thank you so much. This is a dream come true.

Patrick C. (California) and Analyn B. (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status

My husband and I are both so happy with the services provided by Lawrence Holmes and his team. A great big thank you to Diana, who worked closely with us and explained every step clearly, making the entire Adjustment of Status process a lot less daunting than wading through it on our own. Thank you!

Tom S. (Alabama) and Vikki B. (Australia)
Adjustment of Status

My husband and I want to thank Lawrence Holmes and Danielle Loftus for handling our case in such a professional and efficient manner. At the beginning of the process of our Adjustment of Status I was so nervous and scared and but here we are with green card in hand! We couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. Other opinions we received made it seem impossible and scary to get our green card but the law offices of Lawrence Holmes really are the best! All of our questions were answered very quickly and professionally. Danielle was always there for us and made us more relaxed about our situation. We were well prepared going into the interview. I highly recommend the law office of Lawrence R Holmes. They truly are specialists and don’t go to anyone else.

Cassandra H. (Florida) and Cesar S. (Peru)
Adjustment of Status

This is the second time I have used Lawrence Holmes as my immigration lawyer. First when getting the K-1 Visa for my Chinese wife, then again for successfully getting my wife her Permanent Green Card. Mr. Holmes and his staff have always been responsive, knowledgeable, and kept me informed. I highly recommend Lawrence Holmes as an excellent immigration lawyer that gets results.

Frank T. (Nevada) and Xiuying L. (China)
Removal of Condition

I just got my greencard approved after getting married in US last year with my american boyfriend I met at school a few years ago. We knew we wouldn’t have a problem with immigration proving a bona fide relationship, our problem was knowing where to begin and knowing exactly what to do at the right time to make the entire process as smooth and easy as possible. Lawrence, Chris and Yvonne are the ones who helped us the most with that. We mainly talked to Yvonne, she replied very fast through e-mail and her messages were very straight forward. My husband and I still took a while to get everything done just because we are always so busy, and it really sucks that most of the places we had to go to were only open during work hours, so I can’t even imagine how terrible this process would have been if it wasn’t because of Lawrence, Chris and Yvonne. I never even saw them in person but I know I can trust them, and once I am able to get citizenship I will definitely hire them again.

Matthew J. (California) and Leticia K. (Brazil)
Adjustment of Status

We obtained services from Lawrence R Holmes, Immigration Attorney to help file our adjustment of status visa application for green card and could not be happier. We specifically worked with Yvonne through the process and she was amazing. She is an expert on the process; very insightful and supportive. She answered all of our questions in a timely manner, a true pleasure to work with. We could not recommend them more highly; truly professional and supportive in navigating the process. Don’t look anywhere else!

Kelly G. (Illinois) and Andrew B. (Australia)
Adjustment of Status

Mr. Holmes, I recently was a client of yours for the purpose of obtaining a K-1 visa for my fiancée from Ukraine. While going through the process of application, Carolina Vargas was the paralegal from your office that was assisting us with all of our documents and process steps. Similar to you, my profession requires me to oversee numerous employees with the understanding that their performance is a direct reflection on my capabilities and level competence. All too often we only hear the negative aspects of our professional activities and rarely get the pleasure of hearing the positive points. I would like to take a few moments of your time to discuss my experiences in working with Ms. Vargas through the entire process that has recently been completed. I must say that I was extremely impressed and satisfied with her level of service, professionalism, and knowledge of the process. I would have been completely confused with the entire process had I gone through it myself, and I am very confident in saying that many things would have gone wrong. My experience with Ms. Vargas was the exact opposite. The entire process was flawless, smooth, simple, and I was well informed every step of the way. She explained what we could expect, when to expect things to happen, what to do and how to do it. I also had numerous questions throughout the process and I can honestly say that Ms. Vargas has the patience of a saint. She answered all of my questions promptly and completely. My intention of this letter is to express the level of professionalism in which Ms. Vargas conducted herself as well as how satisfied I am with the entire process that my fiancée and I just completed. We would both like to thank you and Ms. Vargas for all of your help and services. Maryna and her son will be arriving here in North Dakota April 10th. Thank you once again.

Chad Q. (North Dakota) and Maryna F. and Child (Ukraine)
K1 fiancée Visa and K2 Dependent Visa

Yvonne, we thank you for all your help and quick response to all our questions throughout the whole process. We are very glad for it to come to an end successfully. Thank you for your best wishes and we wish you the same. I will be sure to pass your information along to anyone I know in the future that could use your help! If you ever come to Maine give us a shout we would be glad to guide you to the best lobster in the world.

Jeff D. (Maine) and Elena D. (Russia)

I am thankful to ma’am Yvonne and the entire Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney team for helping me and my fiancée process our papers with no hastle at all from Approval my petition until obtaining his visa. Thank you

Amparo S. (Washington) and Reny A. (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa

Just wanted to say how very excellent Yvonne was in handling all aspects of my case. Throughout the entire lengthy, (lots of paperwork, etc), process, I always felt at ease, knowing that every detail was being handled with professional expertise. At times I was nervous and asked many questions, but they were always quickly answered, and I was never made to feel like any of my questions were either too numerous or too small for them to quickly answer. When there were complex questions I was always able to reach Yvonne by telephone, as well as email. As my case was progressing, there was even extra thought given to legally proceeding in a particular fashion so as to maximize the chance of the intended outcome. This i thought was very impressive and spoke to their deep knowledge of the complexity of U.S. immigration law. In summation, I always felt treated professionally, very courteously, and the final outcome was completely successful. I would heartily recommend Yvonne and the firm of Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney to anyone looking for a relatively pain free way to wade through all immigration law and then receive the final outcome that you are looking for.

Gail B. (Florida) and Greg D. (Canada)
IR Spousal Visa

My husband and I hired Lawrence R. Holmes for the AOS process. We worked with Yvonne. I live in a different state and was a little apprehensive about dealing with the firm through email, but she was very much a pleasure to work with. Very polite, and very informed. Yvonne told us everything needed for the process, and provided us sources for obtaining different information when I didn’t know where to find it. She made sure my husband and I knew just what to expect throughout. I would definitely hire this firm again.

Andrea B. (Oklahoma) and Jeremy C. (France)
Adjustment of Status

Hi Danielle, I want to thank you for your hard work and dedication towards my case. Maude and I both greatly appreciate everything you and the Lawrence Holmes Attorney have done for us. We wish you the best of the luck in the future. Thanks a million.

David T. (California) and Maude C. (Canada)
CR1 Spousal Visa

We just wanted to take a few moments to say that we had the pleasure of working with Yvonne. She made the process of changing status and getting work authorization smooth. When we first started this task it looked impossible to do on our own. There are not enough good things to be said about the firm of Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney and Yvonne especially. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Rene G. (Tennessee) and Jordin R. (Canada)
Adjustment of Status

My wife is a US citizen and I am a recently approved US permanent resident! After getting spontaneously married, we looked into filing our own visa petitions but it all seemed too complicated (and we each have Masters degrees!). A Google search returned Lawrence R Holmes, an attorney with almost 26 years’ experience in the field of obtaining K1 Visas. We noticed that they offered a free consultation so we gave them a call. After that first phone call with Lawrence Holmes, we were filled with confidence and requested the company’s services soon after. Since then, Yvonne, the most friendly paralegal in the world, kept in touch frequently and answered any query we had pertaining to paperwork etc. She described the separate petitions that we would need to file and what evidence we would need for each. She was always very clear about what we had to do in emails and phone correspondence. She held our hands the whole way through the application process and even gave us some advice for our joint interview at the USCIS office. All in all, we were very happy with Lawrence R Holmes. We would recommend them to anyone going through a similar process.

Heather W. (California) and Richard P. (United Kingdom)
Adjustment of Status

My husband & I were so fortunate to find the law office of Lawrence R. Holmes. He and his staff made both the green card and adjustment of status process stress free. Whenever we had a question, there was no wait time for an answer. I am officially deemed a lawful permanent resident. We owe many thanks to the staff at the law office of Lawrence R. Holmes, but a huge thanks goes out to Yvonne for all of her hard work and dedication. It has been such a privilege to work with her and we can’t thank her enough for all that she did. We highly recommend their services to anyone in need!

Richard C. (West Virginia) and Erika C. (Canada)
Adjustment of Status

It was a pleasure working with and Danielle. They made our process go quickly, smoothly and efficiently. Danielle was always there for us by answering any questions we had and made the process very clear and understandable. We would recommend to anyone looking to getting immigration help.

Mike J. (Maine) and Laurentiu I. (Romania)
Adjustment of Status

The team at Lawrence Holmes made my experience a trouble free one. Diana did such a wonderful job, all I had to do was review my documents, signed and showed up for my appointments. she kept me informed every step of the process.

Jennifer C. (New York) and Devon M. (Jamaica)
K1 fiancée Visa, Adjustment of Status (Green card ) and Removal of Condition

It was incredibly refreshing to work with efficient and professional individuals, who had our best interests in mind. Lawrence Holmes and his team realistically estimated the amount of time our paperwork would take to be processed, which helped us set clear expectations and plan accordingly. We felt extremely prepared for the interview process, and were thrilled to be approved without hesitation. I would highly recommend Lawrence Holmes’ services to those looking for an organized and direct way to apply for immigration services.

Lauryn L. (Arizona) and Pedro V. (Nicaragua)
K1 fiancée Visa

Entire process was smooth as butter! We had Lawrence Richard Holmes help us with our immigration papers for my wife when she came over to the United States and we got married. We were concerned that we might make mistakes on the paperwork and being as it was a sensitive process we wanted to have as much help as we could get. We were assigned a paralegal specialist who helped us every step of the way and answered every question we had. She was readily available both by phone and by email so it really helped make the paperwork less stressful. Once we got to the interview, the immigration officer already had everything we needed and there was very little asked of us. Shortly after my wife received her green card in the mail.

Rory M. (Connecticut) and Michelle W. (Australia)
Adjustment of Status

I would highly recommend the Immigration services provided by the offices of Lawrence R. Holmes to anyone considering any form of immigration visa for the US. With the changes that have been put in place under USCIS, navigating the process can be hectic on one’s own. The staff at Lawrence Holmes were extremely courteous and readily available to assist at all times. The process went as scheduled and once my fiancée and I had our interview in Kiev, all documentation had been properly forwarded to the Embassy. I look forward to continuing to work with the offices of Lawrence R. Holmes, as we return stateside and being the Adjustment of Status process.

Sean C. (Florida) and Olga S. (Ukraine)
K1 fiancée Visa

I am so, so grateful that I decided to work with the office of Lawrence R. Holmes for the process of obtaining a K-1 fiancée visa. Before starting the process, a couple friends and internet sites told me it was an easy enough process and that it was possible to do it on my own. Well it may be possible, but I doubt the process would have gone as smoothly and quickly if I had done it myself. It is a very complex and detailed process and there are so many opportunities to make little mistakes! Yvonne was assigned to our case and she is absolutely amazing. She always kept us up-to-date with the progress of our case and also prepared us for the next step well in advance. Yvonne was also very patient and kind in answering my many questions and concerns either via email or telephone. She is so great! I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her help. For me, the price I paid was so worth the peace of mind having someone with so much experience work on my case, and now that the K-1 Visa is approved, I can rest easy knowing my best friend and future husband will be here soon! Thanks Yvonne!

Danielle A. (Utah) and Rony M. (Honduras)
K1 fiancée Visa

Lawrence Holmes was great. I first discovered him online last summer when I was living in Yokohama, Japan and contemplating the bewildering intricacies of the Affidavit of Support form, which I had to fill out in order to get my Japanese wife an immigrant visa to my native America. I had been struggling with the Online Visa Application form for about two weeks at that time, and it was a royal pain, a constant, never-ending irritation, but at least it looked like it was possible; it looked like eventually I might be able to get through that thing if I just kept my head down and my attention focused on the task long enough. But the Affidavit of Support form? No, that was NOT possible. The more I looked through the pages of that form the more I realized that I was caught in a terrible bind. I had no idea how to proceed through the bureaucratic gobbledygook of that form, especially since I was unemployed at that time, and had no income to prove that I was able to support my wife in the States. They were going to stop me, I knew; they were going to keep me from bringing my wife back to America.

And then one night I discovered Lawrence Holmes online. He said, in his web page, that if I was having visa problems he was my answer. Immediately I sent him an email, basically outlining my problem: I couldn’t understand the Affidavit of Support form, I told him; I just couldn’t follow it. The only thing that was clear to me was that according to that form I didn’t have enough money to support my wife in the States, and so the government was not going to let her in; it was not going to give her an immigrant visa.

I had an answer from him the next morning. “Even though you’re unemployed,” he said, “according to what you said in your email to me you have enough money in the bank to prove you can support your wife.” I was very surprised. “I do?” I said in a return email to him. “How do you figure?” And he wrote back and said, “call me as soon as you get to the States and I’ll tell you how it works.”

To make a long story short, Lawrence Holmes did the impossible: he got my wife a visa; he did it because he knew how the system works. He knew that if you have a certain amount of cash in the bank you don’t need an income. Nobody at the embassy in Tokyo told me that, and the Affidavit of Support form didn’t tell me that, at least not in any way that I was able to understand, but Lawrence Holmes knew that. “You’ve got no problem,” he assured me, “none at all.”

His legal fee was cheap because he saved my life. As soon as I signed the dotted line on the form he sent me, and paid him with my credit card, he turned me over to one of paralegals in his office, a woman named Yvonne. She was the one who did all the work, but she did it under his guidance. She filled out all the forms for me, gave me telephone numbers, email and postal addresses and URLs so that I could get my hands on any info I needed in a flash, explained all the intricacies of all the government workings to me, the end she set my wife up with an interview at the Tokyo embassy in record time. She always answered every question I had instantly, either by email or telephone, and led me calmly, cheerfully by the hand through every single step of the way. Without Yvonne and Lawrence Holmes I never would have gotten my wife a visa. NEVER! But with them it was easy; it was just as easy as it could be. What more can I say?

Charles B. (Colorado) and Kieko B. (Japan)
IR-1 Spousal Visa

Yvonne was very helpful and prompt in returning any questions we had. She was always a step ahead and showed interest in our case personally by asking how everything was going and wishing us luck on our interview. My husband got his permanent residency within 2 weeks of our interview! We were well prepared and had all of our documents ready as per the direction and help from Yvonne. The instructions given directly by the government lack the detail needed to feel confident and Yvonne ensured we were confident with our interview by providing extra direction.

Monica S. (Wyoming) and Gururaj S. (Canada)
Adjustment of Status

My son met and married an amazing young Costa Rican woman while living/working there. When their personal attempt to obtain a visa for her to come to the US was denied, I did not hesitate to research attorneys specializing in this field. It took just one phone call to the office of Lawrence R. Holmes to make the decision to acquire their services. Our case was immediately assigned to Diana, a Paralegal Specialist best suited for my son’s and daughter-in-law’s needs (I-130 Spousal Visa), who guided us through the entire process. Her professional demeanor and expertise alleviated our fears and reassured us every step of the way. We especially appreciated her patience and timely responses to the multitude of questions, both informative and clarifying, that we bombarded her with during the course of our journey. Suffice it to say that completing the myriad of forms and gathering supporting documentation required and/or requested by all of the agencies involved was overwhelming at times. Relying on our Paralegal Specialist’s knowledge and experience afforded us peace of mind in knowing there would be no mistakes, and undoubtedly was the key to our success. My daughter-in-law’s visa was approved on November 10th, and on December 1st, she and my son will be on a plane to spend Christmas with me in the states. What more could a mother ask? We are more than satisfied and beyond grateful.

Dustin W. (California) and Paola A. (Costa Rica)
CR-1 Spousal Visa

My husband and I are very grateful for all of the help that the law firm of Lawrence Richard Holmes gave during the process of applying for a visa for my husband. They were always willing to answer questions on the phone or with email. I honestly don’t know how we could have done it without them. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a lawyer who specializes with immigration and visas. Thank you so much for all of your help throughout this whole process and the time before as well. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are for the help and everything that you have done.

Jeananne F. (Texas) and Carlos A. (Nicaragua)
CR-1 Spousal Visa and Removal of Conditions

Danielle, I just want to let you know that her interview went great and she was approved. I can not thank you enough for all the hard work and the knowledge that you have. With no checklist and really no issues I will definitely recommend you to other people. From the bottom of our hearts myself and my wife want to thank you.

Randall S. (Texas) and Federose S. (Philippines)
CR-1 Spousal Visa

I interviewed several law firms, choosing Holmes because it was clear from the initial consultation they were thorough as well as reasonably priced. I am a professional (CPA, more. ) and although I am capable of following instructions and filling out forms I realized nuances and techniques exist that can make or break an application. As we progressed through the process, there were several times I was glad about my decision to hire Holmes’ firm. They demonstrated consummate professionalism, caring, and understanding of the latest issues and trends in the immigration process. The amount of service provided for the money is incredible. The attention to detail and responsiveness to queries are outstanding. I would definitely recommend without question and, although I hope the need never arises, if I did I would most certainly retain Holmes again.

Drew F. (California) and Mei F. (Taipei)
K-1 fiancée Visa

Danielle, on behalf of Trudy and myself, I would like to thank you for all the hard work you put in, guiding us through the process. You were always available to answer any questions or concerns we had and did it all in a timely fashion. Your estimates of the timelines were spot on, you’re obviously well experienced in what you do, I couldn’t imagine doing this without a professional. Trudy and I are forever grateful. Once again, thanks so much.

Anderson G. (New Jersey) and Trudy B. (Germany)
CR-1 Spousal Visa

Having retained Lawrence R Holmes Immigration Attorneys we were assigned Yvonne as our representative. Her professional knowledge of Immigration Law was most helpful in obtaining our CR1 Visa approved. Her diligent and long hours of work made the process of all the paperwork and fillings we had to submit to the government simple to understand and complete. Without Yvonne’s dedication and experience in these matters it would of been a much longer process to be approved. In the future we again will rehire Lawrence R Holmes Immigration Attorneys, and Yvonne as our representative to file the petition to have the conditional basis of my green card removed. Thank you again, Yvonne for your unconditional support and caring attitude in helping us through this time in our life.

Frank J. (Wyoming) and Ottilia M. (Hungary)
CR-1 Spousal Visa

Lawrence Holmes and his team of Paralegals are outstanding in there mission. My wife comes from one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The continent is Africa. Danielle worked diligently with both the State Department, Homeland Security and INS to bring my spouse to the U.S. Now the time line was not fast but it was not this teams fault. The government road blocks were many. When I was loosing faith she picked me up. I highly recommend her and the staff at Lawrence Holmes.

Bill W. (Georgia) and Marie M. (Congo)
K-1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

My wife and I had the best experience with Danielle from Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney! All of our questions were answered promptly, and we were given all the guidance we could ask for. My wife arrived from Denmark in April and we had our Green card in October. The entire process seemed very daunting to us, but Danielle handled our case extremely well and with lots of care. We will definitely be coming back to the Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney firm in 2 years time when we need to apply for our 10 year Green card. Can’t thank them enough!

Cheree W. (California) and Mette K. (Denmark)
Adjustment of Status

Dear Lawrence, I would like to tell you that my wife was approved and is getting her green card. Tons of thanks to you for your kindness on the initial promptness of your call back as soon as I emailed. Special thanks to Yvonne who handled our case! She was professional, kind and understanding even though I am sure we wore her thin on some occasions with our emails lol. I would recommend her to any of my friends because she is outstanding and amazing! Thank you Lawrence R Holmes you yourself are also amazing.

Wendy P. (California) and Jenny P. (Sweden)
Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

One of the most satisfying, accurate, impressive, informative, result oriented yet personally supportive legal service I have ever experienced! My words can’t describe the support which was given to me during my entire immigration process and especially right before my interview process at the embassy! I might not have made it without Diana’s help; I can never forget how she clarified my doubts, addressed my concerns, and gave me all the right information timely. I still have pages and pages of your emails showing your support. I’m now living with my wife and family in CT/US. I also have been blessed with a kid from our marriage. I want to say thank you Lawrence R Holmes and Chris for having such a wonderful service oriented organization and for me has been a blessing.

Mahnaaz M. (Illinois) and Aabu S. (UAE)
CR-1 Spousal Visa

Vladan and I are very interested in continuing on the process with you. Please let me know what you require so we can prepare for the process. Sorry for the delay. I had to plan my Europe trip. Here is the comment for your website. Let me know if you would like me to adjust anything on my comment! My fiancée and I have worked with Danielle for six months and we are currently in the process of our adjustment of status paperwork. We could not have done this process without Danielle. Danielle’s rigor, professionalism, consistency, and organizational skills have led us to receive our K-1 Visa. We have done extensive research with several different attorneys, but I must say Lawrence R. Holmes has the best results. The consultation is very fast and very straight forward. The company informs you if your case is valid or not. They have a step-by-step process that is organized and very efficient. We did not have any delays or hiccups throughout our paperwork process. I am not one to post comments, but they did such a great job that the company has to be highly acknowledged for their hard earned work. Once again, thank you Danielle you are truly amazing! Looking forward to our next step!

Erica T. (California) and Vladan D. (Serbia)
K1 fiancée Visa Followed by Adjustment of Status

Thank you for ALL of your help along our journey. Please share with Lawrence. If I ever run across someone in need of your services, I won’t hesitate to recommend! We are so happy to finally be a legitimate couple. Sadly put into perspective. I had no idea how complicated, long and tiresome this process would be. It was well worth it (thank you), but who would of thought the U.S. is so behind for lack of better words. I guess that’s another topic of discussion. It’s sad that we need only one document to travel, yet my wife needs three documents. I have a whole new perspective about immigration now. What is sad, is the majority doesn’t have a clue, and will likely never fully understand the hardship in becoming “legal.” Thankfully you and Lawrence were there to help. Thank you kindly.

Joe S. (Oregon) and Nidia V. (Costa Rica)
K1 fiancée Visa Followed by Adjustment of Status

I find Lawrence Holmes law firm to be very professional and efficient. The staff is very caring and Danielle gave my case very special attention. She took the time to walk me through my immigration process and kept in touch with me every step of the way. She answered all my questions quickly and efficiently. She offered moral support and kept me informed throughout the entire process. This is the firm to use. They are truly AWESOME.

Louise S. (New York) and Genie M. (Jamaica)
Adjustment of Status

I would recommend to everybody to hire Lawrence R Holmes because they really know what they are doing. They have a great team and all the knowledge to help all the people go through this process the right way. Diana helped me to put all the paperwork together and make sure i understood every step. She was very patient and helpful with me (because trust me i have millions of questions) and i really appreciate all the hard work and all of her dedication to my case. I can’t wait to start working with this great team again to do my citizenship process.” Thank u for everything!

Ty C. (Kansas) and Vanessa C. (Mexico)
CR1 Spousal Visa and Removal of Condition on Green Card

I will recommend you and the law firm to anyone who is in need of the BEST help available for immigration matters. From the very beginning thru to completion of our requirements your guidance was right on. We will definitely be using your services again in a couple of years! Yvonne, not enough words to express my gratitude to you. Thanks !

Kevin C. (California) and Ming Li (Taiwan)
Adjustment of Status

My husband received his 10 year Permanent residence (Green-card)! So delighted! I engaged the services of Lawrence R Holmes to apply for an Adjustment of status for my husband. We were already married for over two years when we applied. Having researched the immigration process we decided to engage the immigration services of Lawrence R Holmes, and I have to say we’re glad we did. I don’t think we would have made a successful application had we attempted to do the application ourselves. It’s a minefield of legal pitfalls and if you make a mistake you could jeopardize the whole process. LRH took care of everything we would recommend Lawrence & his paralegal Yvonne. Thank you, Lawrence & Yvonne so much.

Tammy O. (Georgia) and Dwayne O. (Ireland)
Adjustment of Status

Immigration made easy! Yvonne of R Holmes Immigration Attorney made our immigration experience absolutely hassle free! Assisting with and lodging our application, communicating with us throughout the processing, and prep for our interview. I received my green card in under 3 months. Highly recommended for a streamlined and fast result.

Marcus F. (Texas) and Jessica B. (Australia)
Adjustment of Status

It was a pleasure to work with Yvonne at Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney. My wife and I first petitioned for a fiancée visa and then for permanent resident status. My wife now has her green card. We are both so thankful for the professional support and guidance that Yvonne has provided us through this journey. We will continue to work with her on any and all future immigration issues. Thank You!

Jeffry M. (Illinois) and Iris R. (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status

Diana Nunez and Lawrence R. Holmes helped us with our adjustment of status and our removal of condition procedures. Diana always did a really great job, always answered emails really fast and guided us through the whole process. She gave us great, structured lists of the different documents needed from who and for what. She also answered every question we had and explained things detailed. Both times she filed for us within the time frame we had and we also were approved really fast – much faster than the waiting times posted on the USCIS website. We liked her service so much, that we referred another couple to Lawrence R. Holmes and they had the same great experience and were approved fast.

Ryan R. (California) and Lara S. (Germany)
Adjustment of Status and Removal of Condition

My case manager was Yvonne. Contacted her twice. First to apply for conditional green card, second to remove conditions. Both times got my visa in less than two months. Yvonne made it so easy! She was easy to get in touch with by phone or email. She would always get back to me on ANY question I had the same day. Always recommend her to all of our friends. And we heard that she helped to get things right for some of them already. Will definitely continue using her services in future. Hiring Lawrence R Holmes was best thing I’ve done! Definitely money well spent!

Kevin M. (Oregon) and Eugenia M. (Azerbaijan)
Adjustment of Status and Removal of Condition

Yvonne, a paralegal-case handler at the law firm of Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney, did an outstanding job of keeping the CR Visa process organized and moving forward through the myriad of government agencies and procedures. At the same time, she kept us informed of what to expect, provided detailed instructions on what we needed to do and when it needed to be done, as well as answered every question we asked in a timely and professional manner. There is simply no way we would have been able to get through this without professional assistance and I highly recommend Yvonne to anyone who is considering an immigration law firm

Peter T. (Florida) and Paola R. (Colombia)
CR1 Spousal Visa and 2 CR2 Dependent Visas

Lawrence R. Holmes and his staff are a exceptional team who proved they could get the job done. From day 1 to the end they kept me and my wife informed on the status of our permanent green card process. We were informed of all biometric appointments and any additional paperwork that May have been needed. I Highly recommend this law firm as most of you know it’s very hard to bring your love ones to the United States working the process on your own. Thank you again Lawrence R. Holmes and staff.

Gary E. (Illinois) and Mamar E. (Ethiopia)
Removal of Conditions on Green Card

Kharen passed her interview yesterday. Thanks so much to you Trang and Mr. Holmes for your guidance and professionalism. I felt that the whole process was much more stress-free than if we had used another service. Please do not hesitate to call me if you would like to know the details of the interview for future reference.

We had the best experience with Mr Holmes and his staff. The process was relatively effortless, and they guided us every step of the way. Special thanks to Trang for her patience and wisdom in handling this case. We could not be happier with the results.

Paul K. (Washington) and Kharen C. (Philippines)
CR1 Spousal Visa

I want to personally thank you so much for all you have done to bring my husband and I together at a time when we felt there was no hope of our ever being together. Your Law Firm proved otherwise. Your expertise, knowledge, and caring attitude about people, love, and marriage along with our faith that it was meant to be made it possible. Your prompt attention to all matters involved in our petition and quick action to see everything was completed and filed on time meant so much to us. Even with the delay and backlog of the Federal Government Office you always did your part quickly and efficiently and for that we are very appreciative. I know we are not the only grateful and happy couple you have helped but we know without the work you do we personally would not be married and together here in the U.S. today. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Thank You Mr. Holmes! Thank You Diana!


Dorothy D. (Texas) and Francis D. (Kenya)
CR1 Spousal Visa

Yvonne, once again I want to thank you for all of your hard work and frequent updates keeping me in the loop with everything and being there to answer all my questions ( I know I can ask a lot, lol). I can only hope that when I build my own company I would be as fortunate to hire someone as dedicated and knowledgeable as yourself.

Stephen R. (New York) and Cicilien S. (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa

For those who are indecisive about whether to hire a lawyer to lead the effort in seeking a visa to the United States, my rapid and strong opinion is, “It would be the best investment you could ever make!” Sure, I know the basics of making applications but I do not have the breadth or depth of experience, I don’t know all the ‘buzz’ or ‘key’ words that U.S. Immigration officials like to see and, there is no better expert to whom to direct questions and from whom to derive winning strategies than Lawrence R. Holmes. I do plan to continue using his services.

Michael W. (California) and Jenalyn S. (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa and K2 Dependent Visa

As a bit of background, my wife was here on a J-1 visa when we met, and it had a 2-year home residency requirement associated with it. I hired a lawyer (not Larry Holmes this first time) and filed for a waiver, but it was denied. Now when it came time to petition for my wife for her permanent residency in March of 2013, this experience with the former lawyer led me to think “Hey, I spent a LOT of money for something that was really straight forward.doing an I-130 with a lawyer must be prohibitively expensive.” So I did the I-130 filing myself. And then the ever-present anxiety settled in. what if I did something wrong, what if they do a request for evidence? The more I read other people’s experiences with I-130’s, the more I couldn’t sleep worrying about all that could go wrong.and knowing I was ill-prepared to properly deal with something if it did. It was under these circumstances – about 3.5 months after filing – that I came across Larry Holmes’s very informative website one night while doing some reading on various aspects of the I-130 and NVC process. I was so impressed with the amount of freely available information (and the experience backing it up) that I filled out the contact request form online. Larry called me the next morning and answered tons of questions I had about my case, what may happen, and how to handle various scenarios. Contrary to my prior experience elsewhere, when Larry offers a consultation, he consults on your case rather than using “consultation” as a misnomer for “sales pitch”. Even after 20 or 30 minutes of discussing my case, Larry wanted to make sure he answered all my questions. And this impressed me greatly – he was truly interested in my case and in helping me. I was the one who had to switch the topic of discussion to how his firm would assist me with my case going forward. I was really “Wow!” amazed.when Larry shared his pricing for taking over my case. Suffice it to say that to hire Larry to take over my case all the way through my wife’s final immigration interview and visa issuance was a fraction of the cost I paid for the J-1 visa waiver lawyer – for far much more work. Hiring Larry Holmes and his firm was the best decision I made during this entire I-130 process. Danielle, a top-rate Paralegal Specialist, helped me with my case going forward. I literally have 50+ emails from her answering questions and notifying me of what I needed to do. When you go through any kind of immigration process, especially for your spouse from whom you’re physically separated, you will have moments of panic and anxiety about one thing or another. And when those moments come up, Danielle is the person you want to be able to email or call. Really, she probably saved my life from all the stress she made disappear. I wholeheartedly recommend the law firm of Lawrence R. Holmes to anyone dealing with any aspect of immigration law.

Lynn N. (Utah) and Elizaveta N. (Russia)
Takeover of Previously Filed CR1 Spousal Visa

The immigration law firm of Lawrence R Holmes was very helpful in getting my wife and I our green card. Trang, our paralegal/case handler, was responsive and the help we received was personalized and timely. We has heard horror stories from others, but we got the Green Card in less than four months from the date we filed.

Benjamin F. (New Jersey) and Stephanie C. (Canada)
Adjustment of Status

Best Immigration Lawyer I worked with definitely recommend Lawrence Richard Holmes for his accuracy and professionalism. Lawrence Richard Holmes is very experienced lawyer walked through the whole process to bring my wife to the United States it was simple and accurate information updated on every step of the way thank you very much.

Ghayyath A. (Texas) and Maha A. (Lebanon)
CR1 Spousal Visa and Removal of Conditions

From beginning to end the law firm has been there for us. They very quickly respond to every concern and question we had. They were thorough and our interview was a breeze because the Law ensured we had everything we needed and that we were brief on what to expect. Great Job and I highly Recommend them.

Mickey S. (South Carolina) and Margeliza S. (Philippines)
IR1 Spousal Visa

Outstanding firm with one of a kind service that gets you results! Trustworthy ,Honest, Customer service is top notch! This is where you want to go for all your immigration needs. Trust me, it’s like me warning everyone to buy precious metals, specifically silver and gold. Will you take the advice? I hope so, it’s for your own good! I have worked with Diana and Lawrence since 2010, strictly over email communication and at most 4 times via the phone. Professionals that get you results!

Luis I. (New York) and Sindy M. (Colombia)
CR1 Spousal Visa and Removal of Conditions

Awesome! No doubt, you need to choose them! Thanks to Mr Holmes and his wonderful team (big thanks to Yvonne!), I was able to stay in the country and be with my husband! This is priceless! The procedure (AOS) went very well, Yvonne always gave us the clear rules to follow, papers to get, things we need to know for the procedure, etc. They are extremely serious and will respond to any of your questions in less than 24 hours I would say. I strongly recommend this lawyer and his team, we were anxious about my legal situation here but they made us feel comfortable and confident, and they were right!
Thanks again for your wonderful help and work.

Nathan D. (California) and Anne Constance S. (France)
Adjustment of Status

Making use of Lawrence Richard Holmes law firm was extremely professional, impeccable, great communication with a positive attitude and highly dependable! Mr Holmes Paralegal Specialist, YVONNE WAS EXCEPTIONAL. she is without a doubt superior in her performance and “a piece of gold”! I highly recommend this law firm! We rate them the very best on ALL LEVELS.

Elden E. (Minnesota) and Belinda W. (S. Africa)
Adjustment of Status

Diana, I wanted to say thanks very much for all of your help. You quickly and completely answered all questions that I had and your professionalism smoothed and eased a very complicated process. It was well worth the cost and I would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend your services.

John B. (Rhode Island) and Sandra Z. (Colombia)
K-1 fiancée Visa and one K2 Dependent Visa.

Nheng and I want to thank you for your extended involvement in our visa acquisition. We realize that under our particular circumstances things took a long time to come to fruition and you and your team were there for us when we needed you from start to finish. You give me faith in that the immigration process can be mastered by professionals like you and Ms. Nunez with care and focus on the client. Everything you said was true from start to finish, your guidance was spot on and you never waivered from day one. Thank you and your team for all you did for Nheng, myself and the boys.

Donald R. (Vermont) and Nheng A. (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa, 2 K2 Dependent Visas, 3 Adjustment of Status

Myself and Cooper would like to thank Yvonne for all her help with our green card process. Her great expertise really made our lives easier and less stressful. Emails were answered straight away and Lawrence R Holmes is a fantastic Attorney. We highly recommend the company! We have been dealing with immigration for 2 years now and finally so glad to have the light at the end of the tunnel.

Cooper C. (Massachusetts) and Sarah C. (United Kingdom)
Adjustment of Status

Imagine the joy and excitement we had when Daniel received his green card! You were God-sent during our time of need. The service you rendered is excellent. We fully placed our trust in you and your promises never failed. Your professionalism and kindness will always be remembered. Thank you so very much for everything you have done for us and we will be turning to you again for help in the near future as needed to complete the process. Please send us your calling cards so we can refer others to you. Again thank you very much. God bless you.

Rebecca P. (California) and Daniel F. (Australia)
Adjustment of Status

We were approved! Thank you Yvonne for all your help in the process. You were great at keeping everything together and being available when needed. I appreciate your attention to detail. Even though it was a service we paid for, it still holds true that without your assistance we would have had no idea what to do and probably taken WAY longer in the process or even been disapproved. So thank you!

Christopher M. (Texas) and Estefania M. (Spain)
Adjustment of Status

I was extremely happy with contacting the office of Lawrence Holmes for guidance and assistance with the change of status process for my wife. I was really lucky in my internet search to come up with attorney Holmes’ name. When we spoke on the phone, he gave me all the time I needed to ask my million questions. I never felt rushed or that I was getting bogus answers. He explained the process clearly and didn’t even pressure me to use his services. I decided to use his services because there were so many forms to complete and a lot of steps to go through. Any mistake or omission I might have made would have resulted in delays and submitting forms again. It was truly money well spent because attorney Holmes’ office know the immigration process inside and out. It was a great joy and pleasure to work with Yvonne! She always explained everything in great detail and provided a step by step guide as to what’s required. She was always very professional, but at the same time friendly, caring, and just wanting to help make everything easy for us. All the information required is spelled out, where I never felt confused about anything that was needed. The forms were completed for me, and all I had to worry about was get the information together that was asked for. The whole adjustment of status process was so efficient that it only took about 3 months from the time Yvonne filed the petition to the time my wife received the green card! I am very happy I contacted attorney Holmes and completely recommend that anyone seeking assistance with immigration issues work with his team! You will not be disappointed!

Imad N. (Tennessee) and Tatiana N. (Colombia)
Adjustment of Status

“Totally enjoyed working with the Lawrence R Holmes immigration law firm. From the initial call with Christopher and being assigned and working with Danielle throughout the process, it was a great experience. This is quite a tedious process. A lot of patience is required navigating all the approvals. Danielle was always the calm in the storm, always professional, competent, responsive. I could not have asked for anything more. More than anything I felt I was in good hands with this firm, and I could sleep easy knowing that all was going to work out OK. And it did. Would highly recommend their services.”

Ben M. (California) and Svetlana L. (Ukraine)
K1 fiancée Visa & K2 Dependent Visa

After an initial conversation with Mr. Holmes, we were assigned Yvonne, one of his Paralegal Specialists, who handled the paper work. She was a pleasure to work with. She was both a tutor, quality control manager and proactive in reminding us of things to do and what to expect. The preparations of the forms and needed paperwork were somewhat time consuming, but because of her help and guidance the interview process at the Immigration Department went without a flaw
We would recommend Mr. Holmes office to anyone who would like a smooth solution to an immigration problem

Dietmar S. (Michigan) and Yi L. (China)
Adjustment of Status from F1 Student Visa

My husband and I started our fiancée visa process through the Lawrence R Holmes firm and were pleasantly surprised by how helpful everyone was. We had viewed other attorneys online but this one seemed to be the most professional and the most trustworthy. Our case handler was Danielle and she did an amazing job throughout our journey. Although I would be a bit pushy or get impatient at times, she always did her best to understand me and to complete any requests I had asked of her. After we finished our fiancée visa process, we decided to hire Lawrence R Holmes again for the AOS process and we do not regret it one bit! We are very pleased over how quick our process was. Hiring an attorney was a great choice and helped prevent us from any mishaps with paperwork and was a great way to double check all that we needed to submit. Danielle prepared us well for the fiancée visa and the AOS process. Thank you so much for all of the help and we are very grateful for it. This was one of the best choices we made for our future.

Abigail H. (Washington) and Junyoung B. (South Korea)
K1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status

Danielle, I wanted to take a little time to say thank you for all of the help you have given us and thank you for putting up with me ha-ha. This has been so nerve shattering. Also we would very much like to continue with your with your services in the future. You are a very nice lady and again thank you.

Samuel K. (Texas) and Neelakanban B. (India)
Adjustment of Status

I totally intend to use this service in the very near future and I really want to thank you and your firm for a job well done in helping me through the K-1 visa process. You guys made it so much easier and Heather was very responsive and informative. I don’t think I could’ve done this without you! So from Lorna and I. THANK YOU!

Roy N. (Washington) and Lorna F. (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa

I was very happy with the entire process. I will highly recommend Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney and yourself in the future. Thanks again and have a wonderful 2014!

Isaac F. (Montana) and Valentina B. (Italy)
Adjustment of Status

I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you carried out in helping us acquire our K1 visa throughout the past year. Personally sometimes I felt it was an impossible K1 visa to obtain but with your guidance and timely responses everything became possible. Above all your loyalty, your commitment to the case, your patience, determination and knowledge made us stay on the road of success. Can you imagine because of your accuracy in compiling all the documentation the interviewer just asked me one question i.e. “How did you meet your fiancée” and the next thing she was telling me was Welcome to USA. I Just couldn’t believe how simple and quick it went. I will forever be grateful for all the help you gave to us. Again thank you so much.

Angel H. (California) and Nansimbi P. (Uganda)
K1 fiancée Visa

Both of us are very grateful to Mr.Lawrence Holmes and the appointed Paralegal Specialist Yvonne for their excellent service and will definitely recommend to all our family and friends. Our Paralegal Specialist Yvonne was very friendly, flexible, and easy to work with. She was there to answer all our questions and did all the paperwork for us from the filing of the petition to the initial settlement in U.S. We will contact Mr. Lawrence Holmes when it’s time for us to file the petition to remove my conditional status.

Jonathan R. (Florida) and Senani R. (SriLanka)
CR1 Spousal Visa

We definitely recommend the services of Mr. Holmes. He and his staff made a very confusing process simple and easy to understand. Attempting to fill out all the necessary government paperwork on our own would have been a nightmare and prone to error that could have resulted in delays in getting my husband’s visa approved. We sincerely appreciate the assistance and will definitely use him moving forward for other immigration matters. Thanks so much, and we’ll look forward to working with Mr. Holmes further in the future.

Monica C. (Illinois) James L. (United Kingdom)
CR1 Spousal Visa

After I reviewed the information about Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney, I agreed to retain Lawrence R. Homes to represent me and my fiancée to get the Green Card. I had a phone conversation with Christopher Holmes, senior paralegal, who gave me a very clear image of the performance in reference to the services, and at he same time I was notified that YVONNE, a Paralegal Specialist, will be my main contact throughout the case processing. Each of the staff members in that office have a very important role to play. We are very pleased with the guidance and support Yvonne gave us in getting the Green Card. She was absolutely amazing, friendly, always helpful, prompt, very efficient and diligent in manner. She is truly a caring human being. The result of her excellent organizational and communications skills resulted in a great successful experience. We felt like we were members of the same family. There are not words to express our gratitude. We can only say “THANK YOU VERY MUCH YVONNE”. We recommend everyone to use Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney to obtain the Green Cards and other immigration services.

Pepe T. (Florida) and Ximena T. (Ecuador)
Adjustment of Status

Lawrence R. Holmes firm simplified the process to obtain my fiancée’s K1 visa by gathering all the required paperwork on my behalf and assuring that I provided all essential documents needed to make the final interview run smooth. Living in Georgia, I was initially concerned distance would’ve been an issue limiting our communication. However, I was given full assistance from an attentive and professional Paralegal Specialist, who was able to answer via email all my questions regarding the visa process. Their service fee was broken down into several payments over monthly intervals, which made things easier from a financial standpoint. In short, I am very satisfied with the service provided to me and I would recommend this firm to anyone who does not have the time or patience to deal with all the requirements involving getting your loved one a visa.

Luis A. (Georgia) and Loren C. (Colombia)
K-1 fiancée Visa

Everything went very smoothly. My contact, Yvonne, was very knowledgeable and responsive. There was a lot of paperwork so having an experienced expert do it for me was well worth the cost.

Thomas M. (Alabama) and Nancy R. (Honduras)
K1 fiancée Visa

The office of Lawrence R. Holmes proved to be a good investment, and the service was outstanding. I could not have dealt with all of the paperwork and government bureaucracy on my own. My wife and I are grateful for the hard work of your firm.

Craig G. (Indiana) and Qian Y. (China)
K-1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status

I was very happy with my decision to enlist Lawrence Holmes to handle the immigration case for my wife. With no knowledge of the whole immigration process I was hesitant to enlist an attorney as far away as San Diego to handle my case in Maryland. Based on his experience in these types of cases and my initial consultation with Mr. Holmes, I felt comfortable that his team was knowledgeable and equipped to handle my case. During my initial conversation I was made aware of all my options in the matter and given a basic understanding of each of the routes to permanent residency. He then detailed the process that related directly to my situation. After my initial consultation, my case was handed over to a Paralegal in the firm. From the beginning I was very at ease with the handling of my cash by Ms. Jones. She was very clear in all her communications and requests for information. She responded very quickly to all my inquires and helped me understand each step of the process. I am happy to say that, in the end, everything went as outlined in my initial meetings. We successfully obtained a temporary Green Card and will most likely engage the firm to handle the next steps in the process two years from now.

Kyle B. (Maryland) and Becky K. (Hong Kong)
Adjustment of Status

Lawrence Holmes is very knowledgeable in immigration law, as is his son Chris Holmes. Their paralegal specialist Diana Nunez is also very helpful. The team definitely helped me to understand exactly what needed to be done to adjust my British husband’s status and get his 10 year permanent resident card for the US. All the requirements were laid out in clear lists and all questions I had were answered over the phone.

Kyrie S (New Jersey) and Rajendra R (United Kingdom)
Adjustment of Status and Removal of Condition

Without the help of Lawrence R Holmes, we would have been truly lost. They took the time to answer all of our questions and concerns in a friendly and informative manner. Thank you! Yvonne; you were awesome!

Scott R. (North Carolina) and Judi C. (Australia)
Adjustment of Status

I was in need of a lawyer for immigrating my wife to the U.S. After a lot of looking around I chose Lawrence Holmes. They were very helpful and insightful as I had no clue what needed to be done. They did a wonderful job replying to the many questions I had and did it in a very timely manner, along with it being in words I could understand. The law office had specialist in all categories which made me feel more comfortable than one person trying to do the many different parts of the immigration process. Everyone was very helpful and returned calls and emails in the same day or next day, after my wife’s case was approved they still stayed with me to make sure my wife received her green card and ssn along with steps on receiving permanent residence. I would recommend this lawyer to friends and family as I felt the handled my case at a personal level and made my wife and I feel special assistance and not just another number.

Ryan H. (Iowa) and Martha H. (Mexico)
I-601 Waiver and IR1 Spousal Visa

Great news! My wife got her Green Card. I want to thank you from the bottom of both of our hearts for the help we got from your law office! We could not have accomplished this with out yours and Mr. Holmes help. The Green Card process is so complicated with so many papers and steps. Without your help in leading us through the steps, I know we could never have accomplished this in so short a period of time, maybe ever. I would recommend Lawrence Holmes to anybody that wants professional help in bringing a family member to their family here in the United States. THANKS AGAIN!

Jon P. (California) and Iuliia P. (Ukraine)
CR1 Spousal Visa and Removal of Conditions

Just wanted to let everyone know Danielle really helped out amazingly in every aspect. she had all my papers in order and answered every question me or my fiancée asked. I will also be talking to her again when our two years are up on the green card. again thank you so much for your help,,, I will recommend your firm to anyone who is looking to get a loved one to the united states.

Anthony F. (South Carolina) and Yoonkyung P. (South Korea)
K1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status

Yvonne, we are very pleased with everything you in particular have helped us with. All the help, guidance and support you gave us was tremendous. We couldn’t haven’t done this without your help and we greatly appreciated your hard work in obtaining our green cards

S. Taylor (Ohio) and M. Taylor (Australia)
Adjustment of Status for spouse and 2 children

I wanted to write to you to say thank you for all the work that you have done for Glory and I. Throughout this whole process you have been very professional and helpful. Your firm has made it possible for Glory and I to start a life together and I cannot express how much that means to me. Please extend my gratitude to the attorney Mr. Holmes and anyone else who may have worked on our case. I will most certainly recommend your firm to anyone who needs help with a K1 visa. Glory and I are busy arranging for her to come here in the next few weeks. Once she has arrived I would like to retain your services for the adjustment of status. Thank you so very much and have a wonderful day!

Patrick S. (Florida) and Glory S. (Sri Lanka)
K1 fiancée Visa

DON’T THINK TWICE – MR. HOLMES DELIVERS! His price was very competitive. His staff was exceptional. Lawrence Holmes and Diana Nunez (paralegal specialist) were very informative. Getting a VISA can be a difficult and timely process. There are many things that can cause a VISA denial. I am VERY thankful to have made the call to Mr. Holmes. If I had to do this all over again, I wouldn’t hesitate to call him. I will finally be with my fiancée and I have Diana and Lawrence to thank for this wonderful day!

Joseph S. (Oregon) and Nidia M. (Costa Rica)
K1 fiancée Visa

This attorney is extremely helpful and answers all questions typically within 24 business hours, most times less. We have been using this attorney throughout our entire process from k-1 to permanent resident and will continue to utilize their services until my husband obtains citizenship. Atty. Holmes assistant, Diana, is especially helpful and has been there for us, calming our nerves and patiently dealing with our endless questions. We are very thankful for the services provided.

Louise J. (Texas) and Danish M. (India)
K1 fiancée Visa, Adjustment of Status (green card), Removal of Condition

I highly recommend the Office of Lawrence Holmes, Immigration Attorney.I especially would like to thank Diana for all the help with our fiancée Visa case. My fiancée got his visa approved in six months and is now making preparations to come join me in the USA. I could not have done it without their help.

Nery N. (California) and Khan N. (Pakistan, interviewed in Saudi Arabia)
K1 fiancée Visa

It was a fantastic experience to hire Lawrence R. Holmes for our spousal visa. Indeed ,hiring Larry and in specific Danielle was a perfect choice. Throughout the whole process, Danielle was very helpful by answering as soon as possible all our questions. In fact, Danielle was informative, responsive and thus professional. Therefore, we want to thank you for your services, professionalism and for everything you did for us. It was a joy to know you and to work with you. Thanks again! May God bless you with everlasting success and joy.

Colin M. (Pennsylvania) and Abir D. (Lebanon)
CR1 Spousal Visa

When I decided to marry my wife I became daunted about the legal process required. A friend gave me Larry’s number with regard to him being the best in the business. Larry spoke personally with me over the phone which gave me the confidence to begin. On my first visit I had a long talk with his paralegal Yvonne which ensured me that I had made the right decision. Throughout the whole procedure I was so relieved that this was in the hands of Larry and Yvonne. Just by gathering up all my documents I realized what a long arduous process it was and that to put this in their hands was the smartest thing to do. When assessing a lawyer one had better also assess the paralegal as they will be doing a lot of the work. Yvonne is the finest. And just think, with your whole future at stake their is no reason not to hire the best. Larry is the best. My life is now complete thanks to Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney.

Tom P. (California) and Elena P. (Ukraine)
K1 fiancée Visa, K2 Dependant Visa & 2 Adjustment of Status

A godsend. When I called Lawrence Holmes, I was panicking. I had just proposed to my soon to be wife while she was here on an F1, and she was in China visiting her parents before returning to attend more college courses. I knew that if I didn’t do all my due diligence, I was headed for a real tragedy – watching my wife be deported. From the moment he answered the phone, and started the initial consult and situation questions, I knew I had chosen the right attorney for this process. Working together with our case handler, Yvonne, was great, and it turned what could have been a painstaking emotional nightmare into a manageable process. It wasn’t terribly easy to gather up all the paperwork, but with proper planning and a little bit of good timing it all worked out (some paperwork we needed she could only get in China, and she had just enough time to get it all before she came back into the US). They helped us avoid all the pitfalls, they filled in all the official forms and walked them all through USCIS for the AOS petition. The end result – a happily married couple that can actually stay together in the US. A special thank you to Yvonne (our case handler) for patiently and thoroughly explaining everything, and for getting all our questions answered. Needless to say, we’ve rehired them for our CR2 petition, and I highly recommend calling them IMMEDIATELY before you get married or do anything else if your fiancée/spouse is a foreign national and you want them to live in the US with you.

Jason K. (North Dakota) and Minghua K. (China)
Adjustment of Status and Currently CR2 Dependent Visa for Child

WOW what can I say, thank you. When I can process all that has happened I will write out a more detailed expression of how wonderful this is. There is no way I could of done this without your help. We both know I did try to sort through all the paper work and failed, twice. You have wonderful quality people skills. ( you are open, approachable, and honest. ) You made it possible to work through anything that came up. You answered all my question putting me at ease when I was confused and not understanding how or what to do. You always knew what your do. The day my wife went for the interview there was 18 other people with family and friends for support. She was all alone with the only the support of all you and I gave her.She was the only one that got her visa approved. The only one that day. I swear I could see her smile coming through the phone when she told me she was approved. This was a very happy day for her and me thanks to you making sure she was prepared for success. I will recommend you to all my overseas buddies and friends. My wife and I will always be grateful for all that you did. May God bless you.

Michael G. (Indiana) and Alganesh C. (Ethiopia)
IR1 Spousal Visa

Anyone going through the immigration process knows it’s a complicated, confusing, time consuming and nerve wracking. We thought about possibly doing it ourselves, but after having lived it I can tell you definitely hire these folks! They are worth every cent. Seriously, this is the best investment you can make in yourselves and you will have peace of mind. Larry and his team of immigration law experts put all our fears at rest and helped us, step-by-step through the whole process. Even though their office is on the other side of the country, we felt like his staff was right by our side. We had total access to Larry and his staff, especially Yvonne, who answered each question we had with confidence and knowledge time after time. Our interview was smooth sailing and we will have our green card in about 3 weeks! We really needed the expertise we paid for. A complication during my fiancée’s entry was incredibly stressful. I called Larry immediately and he gave me the calming advice and reassurance that you just can’t put a price on. Spasibo Larry, Yvonne and the entire staff!

Terry F. (North Carolina) and Svetlana M. (Latvia)
Adjustment of Status

“Thank you so much Danielle for everything, and i am so glad now that soon we will be with Walter. After two years we are apart i missed him so much, and finally we will be together soon, Thank you to all staff, and i hope one day i can refer you to my friends. God bless and we kept you post and update about me and Walter in the future. We both happy in your service and we appreciate everything you done for us, We hope we can work again and i will talk Walter about our adjustment of status also. God bless and have a blessed day always”

Walter Y. (Texas) and Janeta T. (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa & 2 K2 Children Dependent Visas

The Holmes firm and equally importantly the team of outstanding professional staff are absolutely amazing. I worked with associate Christopher Holmes and paralegal Yvonne. Both were extremely knowledgeable, professional, organized, excellent communicators, and kept us on track through the whole process. They made this complex process easy and were there to answer questions quickly and clearly throughout the process. I would highly recommend this law firm and can’t thank both Yvonne and Christopher enough.

Rick V. (Texas) and Ingrid P. (Venezuela)
Adjustment of Status

Trang, I want to personally thank you for all of your hard work, patience and fantastic service throughout the application for my green card! Brent and I are exceedingly happy as it has arrived in the mail today and I have the green card in my hand as I write this to you!

Brent B. (U.S. Virgin Islands) and Melissa B. (United Kingdom)
Adjustment of Status

The interview went very well issues. We anticipate receipt of Esther’s residency card within 7-10 days. It is provisional for the first two years due to the relatively recent marriage. We’ll be in touch in 20 months to request extension for full 10 years. Yvonne: The agent said our package was very well organized — We appreciate the first class work! Larry: You have a great team — and great family. We appreciate your patience every step of the way and your complete professionalism throughout the process.

Ignacio S. (Florida) and Esther F. (Germany)
CR1 Spousal Visa CR2 Dependent Visa 2 Adjustment of Status

Thank you for the well wishes for me and Nami. We have been extremely satisfied with your services and professionalism. Your office helped turn a complicated government process into a sensible logical process that was easily and quickly accomplished step by step. Please also thank Mr Holmes for the excellent service he provides. We will check back with you in the time frame you suggest. Nami and I can relax now and focus on a family 🙂

Brian D. (Delaware) and Nami I. (Japan)
Adjustment of Status

Truly one of the best experiences ever was working with this attorney’s office and daughter and her spouse arrived yesterday from the Dominican Republic after a quick and painless process. You guys rock!

Dana B. mother of Heidi K. (Massachusetts) and Johan O. (Dominican Republic)
CR1 Spousal Visa

The Lawrence R Holmes Immigration Law Firm, and specifically Yvonne, was extremely helpful in preparing the forms, instructing us on supporting information, answering our questions, and keeping us up-to-date as we went through the US K1 Visa process. I really appreciated the professionalism shown in the initial call with Lawrence, and then the fantastic service provided by Yvonne, as we went through this roller coaster of a process. Being able to go through this process as a team made all of the difference and I can’t thank them enough.

Jeff M. (Illinois) and Iris R. (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa

When we first decided to marry, and were required to start the immigration process for married couples we had no idea what to expect. Deciding to hire a lawyer for that purpose turned out to be instrumental and crucial in our application for a visa/green card. Saying we could not have done it without them would most likely be an exaggeration, but it would have most likely taken a lot more of our time, with many complications. When you’re apart from your spouse, in a different country, for longer than 2 months, waiting for some bureaucratic process to start rolling, the last thing you’d want is complications.

We turned to Lawrence Richard Holmes (My wife picked out the firm, I have no idea where she found them), and were handled by Trang. Throughout the whole process Trang was professional, informative, and responsive. We were told what to do every step of the way, and she answered any questions we had during the process. She truly did an amazing job.

The whole process was relatively painless (a lot of documents to collect, and the interview was stressful as hell), and I believe it was relatively quick. It took us about 8 months from the time we applied to the time that I got approved, and I’ll soon get my Green Card and be on my way to the States.

Needless to say we’re very happy at the outcome.

Breck A. (Texas) and Eliad K. (Israel)
Adjustment of Status

One of the best decisions I have made was to employ the services of Mr. Holmes. Our paralegal, Trang, whom we worked with was always courteous, organized and so quick to answer all my questions. We received our acceptance today for our spouse visa. This process was made so smooth for my husband and I because of the fabulous service Mr. Holmes and our paralegal gave us. I honestly can not thank Mr. Holmes enough and would recommend his services to anyone.

Heidi K. (Massachusetts) and Johan O. (Dominican Republic)
CR1 Spousal Visa

We have received Leila’s Green card. Thank you all at your firm for the excellent services that we have received. It was a pleasure allowing you all to be the ones to help make our dreams and hopes come to pass. It is our prayers that God will continue to bless you as you have so blessed us. Below is a copy of what we wrote for the legal service review.

This Law firm was very helpful and knowledgeable concerning our case. Never at any time did we ever feel like just another case number. They even went the extra mile of working with us financially by allowing us to split our retainer fee into suitable payments, all while working our case. Whenever we contacted them for any concern, we were given a detailed and concise response. We always received prompt and timely updates concerning our issues. Simply put, I would highly recommend this firm for cases regarding immigration. Two thumbs up for these guys!

Jerrell D. (Georgia) and Leila M. (Brazil)
K1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status

Working with Yvonne at Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney has been a pleasant experience. She was very informative, responsive, and professional throughout the entire process. I highly recommend this firm!

Daniel L. (California) and Sherly S. (Filipina through UAE)
CR1 Spousal Visa

Lawrence Holmes is a very good lawyer. My case was handled very well and nothing but delightful professionalism with everyone I talked to. Yvonne handled my correspondence and was truly amazing no matter the question or anything I wanted to know she was able to help. I can’t thank them enough for their services!

Michael B. (South Carolina) and Judith F. (Venezuela)
Adjustment of Status

We used the services of Lawrence R Holmes, Immigration Attorney and everything flowed smoothly without any glitches. I think that U.S. Immigration in Indonesia looked at who was representing us for the K1 fiancée visa and moved us through quickly. When we went for our adjustment of status interview here in the states, the immigration officer asked us a few short questions and bam, approved. Thanks to their team who guided us through every step and handled all our paperwork in an organized way. We recommend them to all our friends in Indonesia who are going through the same process.

Gerard W. (California) and Kristina W. (Indonesia)
K1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status

My husband and I live in Michigan and we were searching for good lawyers online and stumbled upon Lawrence Holmes. The best thing that could have happened to us! We felt so safe with this lawyer right away and it did not matter that we were half way across the U.S from them, all our paperwork went by easily and smoothly. Any questions we needed answered were answered. When my husband and I walked into the interview room, we felt extremely well prepared. The right lawyer isn’t always the one on your doorstep! Ps: EXCELLENT AND AFFORDABLE!

Kevin D. (Michigan) and Lauren O. (Canada)
Adjustment of Status

Lawrence R Holmes will help you quickly and efficiently navigate the US’s byzantine immigration forms, making the whole process manageable and stress free. You can go through the marriage visa process once with him and get your visa approved, or once without him and get denied.

Christine T. (Virginia) and Christopher L. (Great Britain)
CR1 Spousal Visa

Thanks Yvonne for all your work and support which has allowed two people to change their lives. I’m definitely glad that you and Larry were there to help as I could’ve never done this otherwise. Say hi and thanks to him for me.

Tom P. (California) & Elena P. (Ukraine)
K1 & K2 Visas with 2 Adjustment of Status (green cards)

Mr. Holmes was always available for specific help and legal counsel anytime we needed it. We applied, and received a green card for my husband. Although getting a lawyer for this process is expensive, it was helpful because there is so much wrong information out there, and Mr. Holmes and his office were specific of what they needed from us, and then did everything else for us! We will be in touch with further help for his removal of conditions before the two year mark!

Brandie H. (District of Columbia) & Jude (Uganda)
Adjustment of Status

First class immigration service and support!

My wife (Brazilian) and I got married one year ago in Brazil. I am so happy that I selected the team at Lawrence Richard Holmes to get my wife her green card. While the process is demanding, we were carefully guided through all steps. This was a fantastic experience from start to finish. The staff at Lawrence Richard Homes are professional, responsive, and experts in their fields. The legal representative assigned to us (Yvonne) was brilliant in every way. She is an expert on this process. We felt like we had a guardian angel watching over us throughout. During all phases, Yvonne fully prepared us. I will use this team for all of my immigration matters going forward. Kudos!

Philip D. (North Carolina) & Karine D. (Brazil)
CR1 Spousal Visa

“The law office of Lawrence Richard Holmes was a great help for my wife and I. We are very pleased in the service that they provided in helping my wife obtain her residence in this country. The complete process from start to finish was an informative and quick process. They are very knowledgeable and precise in all the information they provided. If you are in the need of an immigration lawyer this is the law firm to contact!

David R. (California) & Jackie R. (Mexico)
Adjustment of Status

Yvonne, a paralegal/case manager at the immigration law firm of Lawrence R Holmes, provided personable, efficient, knowledgeable and patient service to me as I pursued a spouse visa for my wife in Hong Kong. I called her countless times, sent her hundreds of emails, and shared all of my angst with her regarding this process. She was always kind, knowledgeable, considerate and patient with me. Working with her was a pleasure.

James F. (Ohio) & Ting P. (Hong Kong)
CR1 Spousal Visa

I highly Recommend you to anyone out there that needs Immigration help. Me and my husband praise you Highly with the work you do to bring happiness. i hope you continue the good work bless you All.

Kenneth C. (Arizona) & Joyce C. (UK)
Adjustment of Status

We are approved for immigration! Great job, the file Diana prepared was complete and extremely well organized. I believe the Consulate was impressed, they could very quickly find answers to the questions they were going to ask, as a result the interview was very brief, with few questions, the answers were in the file. On several occasions they would start to ask a question and then find the answer before we could answer, the question would turn into a affirmation to what was already in the file. Thanks again, your firm has my highest recommendation!

William H. (Florida) & Gloria H. (Dominican Republic)
CR1 Spousal Visa

I am very pleased with the services that Lawrence R Holmes, Immigration Attorney firm provided for me and my husband. Lawrence R Homes rates are flat. This means that from the moment he takes your case, you can call/email him as many times as you want, ask him all the questions, without being extra-charged for it. He does all the paperwork for you, the hard part is to collect all the documents if they are in your home country. We filed everything around December 15th and I received the so-called “Green Card” on Feb 28th. It was just a great experience using his services. I highly recommend you to just give them a call and see for yourself.

Rod H. (Washington) & Romica S. (Moldova)
Adjustment of Status

Were awesome, did exactly what they said they would do. The paralegals were very friendly and helpful. Great guys. I definitely would recommend them, and plan to use them again in the future for permanent residency for wife.

Thomas H. (North Carolina) & Samar D. (Australia)
Adjustment of Status

I did a lot of research before deciding to hire someone. I pretty much had everything done myself. I am glad I hired Lawrence Holmes and his staff, it took away the worries of thinking something was filled out incorrectly and it made us feel more confident in the interview knowing that the interviewer knew we were backed by an immigration professional. They were very responsive up to the last minute and after. My first local lawyer piddled around for 2 months, Lawrence and Danielle were done collecting and submitting information in just under 2 weeks.

Drew (Nebraska) & Sisa (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa

Thanks for your support guys. Throughout the process all my queries and issues were addressed. Diana, without your advice at the right time this would not have been possible. I will also contact you guys after I arrive in the US and would strongly recommend others to hire you as their immigration attorney.

A. Salmani (India) & M. Mohammadi (Illinois)
CR-1 Spousal Visa

Lawrence Holmes and staff made the experiences for getting a fiancée Visa for my wife a lot easier and understandable than trying to go at it alone. I felt secure knowing it would be done right. Great communication all the way along I cannot say enough positive things. I would highly recommend if you are going for immigration to use them.

Scott (California) & Rachel (Philippines)
Adjustment of Status

Larry and his assistant Danielle were awesome to work with. Because of their knowledge, experience and professionalism we received my wife’s green card in less than four months from the time we made our application. It was amazing, we got married on October 1st and received the green card today on January 28th. They answered all of our questions promptly and with confidence. It is such a scary process and you know you don’t want anything messed up because you could spend years fixing any mistake or miscommunication. They made sure we understood the process, the forms and most importantly the dreaded interview. We actually got the green card exactly two weeks from the interview. I didn’t know the government could move that quickly.

I am a professional and have several attorneys that work for me. Hiring Larry and his firm as an immigration specialist was the perfect decision. I would recommend them to everyone with absolute confidence.

Kevin (Illinois) & Linda (Nicaragua)
Adjustment of Status

I am very thankful that I decided to pay a little more for the services of the Holmes firm. I talked to Lawrence Holmes two or three times prior to making a commitment. I could tell by his domineer that he was just as interested in our needs as I was. We opted for their complete service and we were happy we did. We talked to a lot of other people in our position and they couldn’t believe the amount of help we received compared to the “Internet Specialists” they hired.

Once we were into the filing process, Yvonne took over. Yvonne is a very professional dedicated employee and keeps you informed through the whole process. Her attitude is the best, when someone works from their sick bed to keep you informed, at the first interview in Juarez, that is dedicated. Thanks for everything Yvonne.

Boyce (Arizona) & Kimberly (Mexico)
K1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status

We really appreciate what you have done to our family, it’s really a miracle to have my family back together here in US, it’s a pleasure working with you. More power to you all and you’ve really done a great job! God bless you! ‘

We still need your help on his removal of condition in two years. And will recommend you to my colleagues.

Thank you again.

Jhoanna (California) & Reginaldo (Mexico)
K1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status

This took longer than I expected but it was because I took too long to obtain the proper documents not as much because they were impossible to get but because I just took longer than I should.

However they were very good and I most definitely would recommend them in every way. Diana was very patient and efficient with me and they always delivered on everything they promised.

Charles (California) & Yeniffer (Colombia)
K1 fiancée Visa

Dealing with LAWRENCE RICHARD HOLMES was a wonderful experience. My Paralegal Specialist Trang Nguyen was excellent. They answered all my many, many questions, were very patient with me, and made sure I knew what was going on every step of the way. Their kindness and knowledge that was displayed from the initial phone call was followed through right to the end, and even still! I would highly recommend using them. They ALWAYS got back to me right away, had everything under control and made sure I knew what my responsibilities and deadlines were. I will absolutely use them for any future needs.

Vanessa (Canada) & Jerimiah (Idaho)
Adjustment of Status

I had considered moving from England to America many times to be with my long term partner Victoria (soon to be married!), but was initially put off by the length and complexity of the K1 visa application process. We both decided to try and complete the process alone but had real trouble getting past the first step as neither of us have any experience in this field.

We eventually made the very wise decision to seek the help of an immigration attorney. After much searching we decided on Lawrence R Holmes, there were cheaper alternatives available on the web, but none that looked/sounded as trustworthy or professional after contacting them.

Once we signed the agreement we were assigned our own specialist, Yvonne, to assist us in our application from start to finish. We certainly could not have done this without her constant help by phone or email. From small queries to bigger problems, we both found her to be efficient, knowledgeable and helpful throughout our case.

Our K1 visa has been approved with no problems and I am now set to enter the USA in the following month! I will certainly be re hiring them to help with the adjustment of status (green card) once we are married and settled in the USA.

If you are considering applying for a K visa I cannot recommend this firm enough, without their help I am almost certain we would not have got to this stage at all!

Victoria (Minnesota) & Richard (U.K.)
K-1 fiancée Visa

Why leave the rest of the best days of your life to chance. Joeanne and I met in October 2010. Joeanne is truly the best person I have ever met in my life, and, on December 20th 2011; I asked my love to marry me. Being in the U.S. military, stationed overseas and due to receive orders, we weren’t quite sure how best to go about getting everything required to USCIS for submittal for my love’s visa.

Many friends and acquaintances suggested doing it ourselves or going through an agent. We considered it but when we looked into how long it would take to process everything through these agencies or doing it ourselves; our reasoning for contacting Mr. Holmes offices made the most sense. We had waited our whole lives to find each other, even though we were half a world apart; why now spend any more time apart than necessary.

We retained Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney in mid- March and by April had our paperwork enroute to his office for review by April 3rd. By June 17th, sixty-seven days later Joeanne’s fiancée visa was approved. While waiting for processing at the U.S. Consulate in Manila, my love met many other filipinas waiting for processing as well. As they were waiting they began to ask one another how long had they been going through the process. For some that chose to do it themselves, a year and a half. For others that went through various visa agencies, the same time. All were amazed at the speed of our processing.

Once Joeanne joined me in the US, we asked Mr. Holmes to process our green card application as well. We began that process September 25th, results same as before; by December 31st Joeanne had her card. There’s not enough good things to say about retaining Mr. Holmes and his staff to take care of this for us. Especially Diana, who took us step by step through the process and answered any and all questions either I or my wife Joeanne had; is a God-send.

Phillip (U.S. Marines) & Joeanne (Philippines)
K1 fiancée Visa & Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

Lawrence Holmes and his assistant Diana were very quick and effective in processing our K-1 fiancée visa, and then getting my wife her Green Card. I highly recommend these professionals to handle all of your immigration needs. Especially noteworthy, was the quick response when a need or question was asked. I can not imagine having to process our K-1 and Green Card without this fine lawyer’s help. If you need a good professional Immigration lawyer, Lawrence Holmes is the lawyer that will get you the best results.

Frank T. (Texas) & Li (China)
K-1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

We were referred to a different lawyer by a friend in the US, and after doing some research ourselves, we found that just looking at the website of Lawrence R. Holmes, that it was sufficient enough to make our decision as to whom to go with. Diana Nunez has guided us, and kept us up to date with all steps and documents required. There was not one step where I had to wonder if all requirements were met and or if the necessary documents were emailed, received, couriered or even incorrect. I would totally recommend her and Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney to anyone.

Frank C. (Nebraska) & Yiani (South Africa)
K-1 fiancée Visa

May I extend my hand and arms in love to you and your professional staff for the work and the ability to instruct us on how to receive this VISA.

Thank you so much for your professional input on the work and giving us the chance to be together in the USA as a couple. My fiancée told me that it shocked him at the visa interview as to how simple it was and how confident he was feeling, because of the preparation you had given him, while answering the questions that the counselor was asking him as to his relationship with me.

Also we would more than happy to allow your law firm to help us get Biswoody’s green card after our marriage. We would be honored by your firm’s assistance and professional care.

Thank you again.

Robie L. (Illinois) & Biswoody (Ghana)
K-1 fiancée Visa

Lawrence Holmes and his team did a fantastic job on my husband’s spousal CR-1 visa case. Our biggest fear starting the process was that we would not handle documents correctly and be delayed in receiving his visa. Mr. Holmes and the paralegals ensured everything was correct in everything we needed to do. All we had to do was gather the information and they would worry about the rest. It was very hassle-free. Originally the expected time for my husband to come to the United States was approximately January of 2013. He had his visa interview in Ciudad Juarez on November 1st, 2012 and returned to the U.S. on November 7th, 2012. We were very pleased with how quick and easy the process was and we would definitely recommend Lawrence R. Holmes to anyone looking for an immigration attorney!

Karis (Texas)
Spousal Visa

Many thanks to Lawrence, Yvonne and the entire staff for helping us through the green card process. You made it very stress free for us. Yesterday I received my official letter from USCIS, welcoming me to permanent residence in the US! Should have my green card any day now. My husband & I are beyond elated!

Erika (Canada) & Richard (West Virginia)
Adjustment of Status

Lawrence Holmes’ office gave my wife and I outstanding service. My wife, and step daughter just passed their consulate interview in China and will be getting their Visas shortly. Lawrence and Anne made the process easy, and helped us get through the immigration process. They answered all of our questions in a timely manner, and made sure everything was done right. I would highly recommend this office for your immigration needs.

Jay, Lijun, and Liang
IR1 Spousal Visa & IR2 Dependent Visa

Ann Canter did a great job. I am a Canadian who married an American and the whole process, from when I called Larry Holmes to receiving my green card in the mail, took about 4 months.

Pete (Illinois) & Sheena (Canada)
Adjustment of Status

Mr. Holmes and his staff were instrumental in getting my wife and I married. When I was first considering using a lawyer for the K-1 process I did some homework. I spoke with Mr. Holmes and found out that many of the websites offering services for seemingly low prices were only capable of doing a small portion of the work. On the other hand, his firm took us from beginning to end, dotting all of the i’s and crossing all of the t’s.

Steve (Virginia) and Bing Jie (China)
K1 fiancée visa

Larry and Yvonne did a fantastic job. They are experienced in this matter and it really shows. Their advice was right on and we even got compliments from immigration official during our interview because our application for adjustment of status was complete and through. We just provided key information and they did the rest of the work. I am a happy green card holder. Thank you Larry and Yvonne.

Mari (Japan) & Jonathon (Colorado)
Adjustment of Status

We worked with the law office of Lawrence Richard Holmes since April, 2011. The Law office of Lawrence Richard Holmes was professionally thoughtful and successfully efficient in dealing with our case from beginning to the end. We were especially pleased with Diana Nunez, a Paralegal Specialist. Diana’s quick response to every question we had helped us tremendously to save time and avoid mis-steps in every step of the process. We want to say thank you to Attorney Lawrence Richard Holmes! and thank you Diana!

Jamie (California) & Ping (China)
K1 fiancée Visa and Adjustment of Status

I entered the United States October, 2011. Lawrence’s office did all the necessary work so me and my husband, whom I married in the US, could stay together. I would recommend him to Everyone out there that needs to apply for Permanent Residency. His office and Staff made our dreams come true.

Josephine (Japan) & Kenneth (Colorado)
Adjustment of Status

I was having trouble with a fiancée visa that was denied. The attorneys at Lawrence Holmes took control and helped. Customer service is excellent, excellent communication and response.

Rick, Florida & Yuka, Japan

We were very happy with Lawrence Richard Holmes and Yvonne, who worked our case. We would recommend them to anybody, who considers immigration to the US. Trust us, you really don’t want to do that on your own. Finally we can start our future as husband and wife. We are so grateful for that.

Juan and Johanna, Texas
Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

I found the firm to be very helpful from the beginning, even when it wasn’t clear that they would get my business. I was debating whether I should handle the application myself or use an immigration attorney. I researched immigration lawyers on the Internet and felt comfortable with their online presentation. After several phone calls to discuss our situation I felt the firm was experienced and trustworthy. I had numerous questions during the process and found their responses to be quick and informative. That in itself made their use worthwhile since there were several times where it was essential to have the correct information quickly. I also believe it was very helpful to have used their services during the interview portion of the process as well as at Immigration at the airport. Everything was well prepared and there were no problems or challenges. From beginning to end everything went smoothly.

Jon (Illinois) & Svetlana (Russia)
CR1 Spousal Visa & CR2 Dependent Visa

Yvonne- Incredible. A caring human being who walks with you through the process and pulls for you and cheers for you at the milestones; not a corporate, faceless, emotionless automaton. Great, successful experience. We were always informed and prepared ahead of time.

Chris & Sabina, Arizona
Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

We worked with the law office of Lawrence Richard Holmes since April 2011. The Law office of Lawrence Richard Holmes was professionally thoughtful and successfully efficient in dealing with our case from beginning to the end. We were especially pleased with Diana Nunez, a Paralegal Specialist. Diana’s quick response to every question we had helped us tremendously to save time and avoid mis-steps in every step of the process.

We want to say thank you to Attorney Lawrence Richard Holmes and thank you Diana!

James & Ping
China K1 fiancée Visa & Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

I would recommend this firm to anyone looking to immigrate to the USA. They are fast, knowledgeable, keep you up to date on your case and always available if you need them. Never needed a lawyer until this and my expectations were exceeded. Very happy with the work they did for me. With all of the lawyer fraud, it was nice to find one who you can trust 100%. Thanks for the great work guys!

Nicole & Thomas, Maryland
Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

Thank you so much to you Yvonne and everyone at Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney. You have all made our dreams come true. We are still reeling with happiness. Its our 1st wedding Anniversary on October 31st, ‘what a way to celebrate’. we have you to thank, or we would not be together on that wonderful day. I have recommended your office on Facebook. You all did it for us, when nobody else would touch our case. We are so grateful. Bless you all.

Josephine and Kenneth C.
Adjustment of Status

Everything went very smooth, from the visa petition process to the green card. They kept us informed every step of the process, were very accurate with the estimated dates, and were very prompt every time we had a question. They are great!

Claudia B.
K1 fiancée Visa & Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

Everyone involved in my case was extremely helpful and qualified, I got married in May and both my husband and I decided to stay in the US for a while; needless to say I needed a lawyer to help me adjust my status. Everyone I had contact with at Lawrence Richard Holmes Immigration Attorney were extremely helpful and clear in all their communication, from the gentleman that first reviewed my case to Anne Canter, my paralegal specialist.

Three months later, I got my green card!

Ana & Luis, Adjustment of Status

Bingjie and I plan to use your firm to complete the next steps. We have felt very fortunate to have your representation and counsel during this dizzying experience and are grateful for what you have done for us.

Steven R. from Virginia
K1 visa, China

Thank you for the quick response, and I would also like to say that I am very pleased with the service Diana has provided, she is always in front of the ball, never chasing it.

James H.
K1 visa, China

All I can say is WOW! When I got home last Fri., my wife was waiting with the letter from USCIS and a big smile on her face. We are so happy about it and I don’t think we could have done it without the help of you folks. I must admit that I thought I might be wasting my money and time going through a lawyer. I was wrong. You folks are true professionals. I was kept updated on all requirements and actions at every stage. I was going to let you all know that we received the letter from USCIS today but when I got to work and opened my e-mails, you were already notifying me.

Everything happened just as you folks told me it would. I really would appreciate these comments to be made public. I am proud of the how ya’ll handled my case and of myself for acquiring your services. Thank you so much.

Travis T.
Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

I was very pleased with the service provided by Mr. Holmes firm. From the first contact to the final contact they were very responsive to all the questions and concerns I had, especially Diana. The fees were very reasonable. I would highly recommend Mr. Holmes to anyone needing immigration advice.

Thanks Diana for all your help with everything during the whole time. You made the whole process very easy for us to get my wife’s change of status changed and get her and her son Jaspers green cards. I had heard many horror stories in trying to get this all done. The green card was to us in a week after the interview. I am sure having all the paperwork well prepared by you helped a lot

John and Christine H.
Adjustment of Status for spouse and child (Green Cards)

Hi Chris & Diane @ Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney

God did it! Praise God Shrad’s (my husband) on his way. We are truly blessed! Shrad & I SINCERELY thank you and Lawrence Holmes, from the bottom of OUR HEARTS for all your assistance, support and understanding with this process most of all the Baghdad US Embassy.

We thank you for the congratulatory wishes you sent last week too. We have been running, planning and smiling – like two little kids or LOVE BIRDS in a tree every since.

Wanda from Texas
Shrad from Iraq

Our lawyer was very helpful and informative. We were always kept informed and up to date with the situation via email. We received a very professional service, and can’t fault them on anything. We were mostly pleased with the fact that as soon as our lawyer had information, they notified us immediately. We are very pleased with their service and would recommend them to friends and family, and will definitely use their services again if needed.

Siddika and Shahin
Adjustment of Status for Spouse and 2 Children

After careful deliberation I selected Lawrence Holmes LLC for the processing of my fiancée VISA from South Africa. My decision was rewarded by personal attention far above my expectations. “We do the work for you” is a true statement by this firm. Nothing can speed up time, but knowing a firm such as Lawrence Holmes Immigration Attorney is working for you, makes it much easier to bear. We are using this firm to process the next steps: Green Card and Citizenship.

P. Pisciotta
fiancée from South Africa

I hired Larry to get my K1 visa, and they provided everything they promised. The final package was impressive, really professional and detailed. Now me and my husband are happily living in the States. I did lots of research about the K1 visa, which sounded really difficult to get for Chinese people. But with their help, I successfully got my visa.

Diana, thank you so much for your patience and professional knowledge, and for responding to my emails and answering all my questions. Thanks again.

I am in the States right now. Thank you so much for your help.

Summer F. from China

Lawrence R Holmes and his staff were extremely helpful and professional. All services were completed promptly and in a professional manner. They went above and beyond to make sure that we was kept informed and that everything went as smoothly as possible. My case required special attention as I was deployed to the Middle East at the time and they provided me with the services I needed. Excellent!

R Moore from Afghanistan
Sitare from Germany

Thank you so much, Yvonne! I know we’re no where near over just yet, but we would like you to know how much of Blessing you have been to Raquel and I. There is no way we could have handled this ourselves, and every time we’ve needed you, you have been right there with us. You have made us feel that we are working with a friend, not just a Paralegal Specialist. We are so grateful to be working with you.

Raquel S. from Peru
Matthew P. from Arkansas

Hey Larry:

Just thought I’d let you know, my Green Card arrived in today’s mail. Amazing. about 11 weeks start to finish. “You’re The Man !”

I’ll be in touch for Citizenship in about 33 months. Many thanks.

Dear Lawrence,

My wife Cindy and I are so grateful for your services. I researched all over the Internet for three days. spoke to over twenty (20) immigration attorneys before I decided to choose I must say that any attorney that you speak to and requires a fee before he/she can give you advice is just a waste of time and money. From the very beginning kvisas helped me with the process of my CR 1 visa for my wife. I would email her anytime and within a few hours she would respond in detail. Also, I only phoned Lawrence three times but he was available to speak to me right away. kvisas is the best kept secret on Also, wanted to point out that I live in New York and kvisas is located in California. I never actually met the people who helped me with bringing my wife Cindy to the United States of America. Less then six months after retaining the services of kvisas my wife and I were traveling together from Columbia to the USA.

God Bless kvisas,

Luis from New York
CR 1 visa from Columbia

Our K-1 (fiancée) Visa process was primarily handled by their excellent paralegal Diana, though dealing with others in the firm was equally easy and pleasant. It’s a very professional staff. Information regarding the visa process was always explained in a timely, thorough manner.

The primary job was gathering and organizing the information required by the U.S. government, and guiding us through the proper submission procedures. Their familiarity with the correct responses to confusing questions on government forms – thus avoiding delays in the overall process – was invaluable, not to mention it put our minds at ease.

Even though we are located in a different state, we always felt comfortable dealing with this firm in California, given it is their specialized field, and it’s clear they know their business. They definitely made this stressful process FAR easier to deal with than if we had attempted to do it ourselves. And most importantly, we were successful!

I highly recommend this firm to anyone planning to start the immigration process.

Tony C. from Virginia
fiancée from Serbia

Mr Holmes,

Thank you so much for all of your hard work on our case. The entire process could not have gone smoother. Even though we were somewhat nervous the entire time, we were a great deal more at ease knowing we were in good hands. I e-signed the contract for the Adjustment of Status process and would love to continue working with you and your office for the duration of that process. We have set the date for the wedding on March 1st. Again, thank you for all you have done.

O. Drain from Georgia
fiancée from Dominican Republic

We are really thankful for all the advice and attention we received. We felt much more comfortable knowing that experts were behind us to make sure we complied with all the requirements. This helped us feel the process was less cumbersome. We also appreciate Tracy’s patience to answer questions related to our particular situation which lead to a very successful immigration process.

Maria from Mexico
Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the paralegal specialist Diana Nunez from Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney for the excellent service in helping my wife obtain an immigrant visa. Diana was extremely professional in providing timely and accurate information. She guided me though the lengthy paper work process. Diana dotted the i’s and crossed all T’s avoiding any possible rejections throughout the process. I have friends who have tried doing the process on their own and have had major setbacks. I would highly recommended this law firm to anyone seeking information in acquiring a visa. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable. Again thank you all at Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney for the great service you provided to help Mamar and I obtain the CR1 visa.

Gary E. from Illinois
Mamar from Addis Ababa Ethiopia

I am in the military, and called Lawrence R. Holmes for help on getting my fiancée a visa. Didn’t make any guarantees but promised the best possible help. I only had to gather my documents and sign the final drafts. They did the rest. Tracy kept me informed every step of the way and answered all my questions in a timely matter. My expedited case was approved in about 11 days. Couldn’t have done it without them. I would recommend them to anyone.

Chad D. from Colorado
fiancée from Philippines

I am extremely satisfied by the service that Mr. Homes and my contact Diana provided. They were extremely helpful with any questions I had and were very quick to respond. From the beginning they made the whole immigration process simple from the forms we needed to fill out and the documents we would need to provide. Also helping us with each step of the way and preparing us for the next step of the process. They made the whole immigration process easy and not overwhelming. From beginning to end it took us about 3 months for my wife to receive her green card! I am extremely grateful for their help and would definitely recommend this lawyer!

James C. from California

I could not be more satisfied with the professional service Mr. Holmes and my main contact Diana provided! They both were professional and knowledgeable in every respect. I was especially impressed with the very quick responses and in keeping me informed. I was equally impressed on how quickly my fiancée was able to get her K-1 visa from China. The amount of paperwork required in getting a visa from China is daunting, and I commend Mr. Holmes and Diana for their tireless and accurate processing of all paperwork and documents required. I don’t think that I would have been able to accomplish this on my own. I highly recommend Mr. Holmes and his staff for an exemplary job.

Frank T. from Texas

Diana, I have great news: Our visas were approved! We’re absolutely happy and want to thank you and the LAWRENCE R HOLMES team, for your effort on helping us to achieve this goal, in despite of some issues that were efficiently solved by you. We appreciate all your help to get us here.

Diana G. from Columbia

Yvonne, I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you for handling our case in such an efficient and diligent manner.

Amanda F. from Jamaica

Hi Diana! I had my interview and I passed. It only took 40 minutes. The immigration officer kept telling me what a great lawyer Larry Holmes was. He kept saying it and saying it! The immigration officer said the paper work Larry and you guys submitted was perfect. He said it was unbelievable and he had never seen anything like it before! I wanted to thank Larry Holmes and you for helping and doing such a wonderful job. I am very, very happy.

Please tell Larry thank you very much. I am wishing his family and your family a happy and wonderful Christmas.

Lana R.
Naturalization (U.S. Citizenship)

Deciding to use Attorney, Lawrence R Holmes to help me with the K1 Visa process gave me the peace of mind I needed to endure the process. Thankyou so much* (Diana*) for your timely responses to my questions and your Excellent help in my K1 Visa process. The time frames and information you provided was right on point! You briefed me on every step of the process with extreme accuracy. Once I received the Interview date, I secured a flight to attend the Embassy interview with my fiancée. The final result was the approval of my K1 Visa the first time! Your staff and their work are Excellent and I would and already have recommended your company to my family and friends. Thanks again for your Help.

Mr. Ike Howard a soon to be happily Married Man!
fiancée from Cambodia

Lawrence Holmes and his staff are everything they present themselves to be. They are professional through and through and very thorough. I am glad that I went with them to take care of my situation and I got positive results. Because of them, I am finally joined by the rest of my family (my Husband and daughter). We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Taneese S. from New York
Spouse and daughter from Jamaica

In 2009, I met a beautiful woman that was visiting the United States from Thailand. We hit things off well, and she spent four months here. After that time, she had to return to Thailand. At times, we would spend anywhere from four to six months apart without seeing each other. In 2010, before she went back home again, I decided to propose to her. This being the biggest decision of my life, I was nervous. Not only was I about to marry someone, this someone lived in another country with no easy way to come and go when she wanted. I knew that I would need legal help to guide us through the tricky U.S. Immigration system, but with no previous experience in this area, who could I trust to make sure this didn’t get screwed up?

I did some research on my own, and after calling Lawrence R. Holmes with an inquiry, received a response in less than twenty-four hours. They emailed me a contract same day for my review, and after consulting with my fiancée, we decided to go with them. They were flexible with payments, and the total cost of the services was VERY reasonable, especially after seeing and experiencing first-hand all of the paperwork involved in a K-1 visa case.

Which leads me to my next point – the paperwork. There were so many things involved in this process, that at times, I felt like my head was about to explode. But Lawrence R. Holmes was there whenever I had a question. I almost always received a response in less than twenty-four hours. Part of the reason I believe I never had to wait for the U.S. Embassy in Thailand, Homeland Security, etc. is because Lawrence R. Holmes already had all the forms organized before we even started the case. It was nice having a checklist that I could reference as I completed the information required. If I had tried to do this on my own, I don’t think I would have done it correctly – and in the immigration system, one mistake can cost months in re-processing time.

At one point, the U.S.C.I.S. tried disputing some information I provided them. I was worried that this would delay things for months. Lawrence R. Holmes looked at their reason for the dispute, and let me know that the immigration agent was not correct in their reasoning, fired back a response a day later, and assured me it would be cleared up. After approximately one week, we received another letter indicating that my attorney was right, and that the case would be approved as planned. After looking at what U.S.C.I.S. was claiming, I would have NEVER known how to respond. If there were even any doubts left about my attorney, they vanished at this point. I was glad to know I had someone so knowledgeable on my side.

From this point, things were easier. They provided my fiancée a list of things she would need for the U.S. Embassy in Thailand, and she got everything done before her appointment. One week after receiving her visa, she was on a plane to California to be with me again. All we need to do is get married now, and everything will be perfect. I can’t thank them enough for their hard work, timely responses, and SUCCESS in letting my fiancée be together with me. Choosing Lawrence R. Holmes was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Tom from California

I looked around for a few weeks and talked with many on-line Visa application services and they all promised approval of a Green Card for my wife at very low prices but with no timeline. But after checking with the Better Business Bureau, most of the had complaints lodged against them. I wanted to see if there were any attorneys on-line that provided immigration services and found, and we have had the most professional and supportive assistance I could hope for.

WWW.KVISAS.COM was great. My wife received her Green Card within four months! Mr. Holmes’ staff answered all of our questions when we had any and processed all our paperwork faster than we thought possible. I would recommend that anyone who wants to get through the USCIS Immigration process correctly and quickly use!

Marcel from Hawaii
Tanya from Canada

Thank you so much for all your help. You have made it so easy for me. I am really glad I searched you in the internet and had that first conversation with Larry, and he made me feel so comfortable and confident right away. You were always on time with your replies and ready to help at all times. Thank you greatly. and I will be continuing the next process with you guys to bring my stepdaughter Katerina. I will let you know when we will start that process. Thank you thank you thank you

Greta, Albanian processed through Greece
Genti from Florida

Mr. Holmes,
Premila was approved for her visa. It would not have been possible without the support of Diana Nunez. She answered numerous questions, sometimes silly things, with speed and accuracy. Premila and I both wish to say THANK YOU to both of you and to your entire staff.

Pat C. from Illinois
Premila from Malaysia

Evelyn had her interview with the consulate this morning and everything went great! Approved!

I personally want to thank each and every one of you at Lawrence R. Holmes that made this all possible. You guys have been great through the whole process from start to finish. Very neat and professional. I love when things work out smoothly and it’s been awesome not having to worry about anything. Thanks you guys! If you guys offer services for adjustment of status once she moves up here. I would love to get more info on that because I would really like to go through you guys again.

T. Fields from Peru

I found that Lawrence Holmes and staff where wonderful at handling my Visa process. They answered questions and concerns in a timely manner. All the documents were completed correctly and when they were sent to Homeland Security and the Embassy, we had no trouble at all. They are definitely worth the money they change and I will use them again for the greencard process.

R. Shisler from Philippines

Mr. Holmes and his coworkers were extremely helpful for our fiancée visa process. I cannot imagine going through the process without their assistance, as one small misstep in doing it ourselves could have pushed us back 6 months! Thanks again for all of the assistance, We would recommend using them to anyone who is going to be going through the immigration process.

Craig from Illinois
Cristina from the United Kingdom

The experience with Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney was exceptional. They are definitely an expert in immigration services. Diana of their office has been very good with communication to us. She was very prompt in replying to any inquiries or questions we had. We will surely recommend their services to others!

Najella from Philippines

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lawrence Holmes and his staff for the excellent service in helping my wife obtain an immigrant visa. Their paralegal specialist Diana was extremely helpful in providing timely and accurate information throughout the total process. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone seeking information in acquiring a visa. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable.

Cliff S. from Idaho
Spouse from Mexico

Diana at the office of Lawrence R Holmes was absolutely amazing. She was always helpful, prompt, and did whatever she could to get the process moving. Our questions were always answered. We were able to obtain our green card in a very short period of time, and we know that was because we hired them. The attorney fees are definitely worth it!

Mayu from Canada

It was wonderful working with Lawrence Richard Holmes Law firm. All staffs were very helpful and always have an answer to my question. I definitely would recommend this law firm.

Yan-Tsyh, Ernie
fiancée from Philippines

I retained his services for a fiancée visa, the entire process was explained to me, his legal assistant Diana kept me informed, I never needed to ask for anything. My fiancée received her US visa on March 22nd, some other women that were with her in Kiev that day were denied their visa, I was very thankful I had an excellent attorney that was well versed in immigration law.

D. Quelch from the Ukraine

I highly recommend Lawrence Richard Holmes Immigration services as the price was fair, the service was good and was very efficient. As in any application if all the forms and I’s and T’s are not crossed it can be very time consuming and add cost. This is why I choose a specialist to handle the documents and filings with my data. I never had one issue during the process of the forms and no replys at the first and second interview at the US Embassy. Also attorneys give an extra edge on applications to Embassies.

D. Godfrey from Russia

The green card interview went really well. At the end of the interview, the officer approved the AOS and stated that the Resident Card will arrive within 2-3 weeks. Thank you for your professionalism and answering all my questions whenever I called the office. You can notch another successful case under your belts.

Tony from California
Palmira from Mexico

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the team at Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney for their tremendous help in obtaining my wife’s removal of conditional status for her permanent residency. My wife received her renewed green card in less than a month from the time of applying. There were no problems and the process was quick and the team at the firm took care of everything. The customer service was excellent, the job was done very professionally, and the services were VERY affordable. I am thousands of miles away from them, yet I am able to reach them anytime promptly. They are always there for me. This was the second time I used the services of Holmes & Ramos Immigration Attorney and it will not be the last. I recommend them to friends and relatives all the time.

Dr. S from Pennsylvania
Spouse from Iran

I don’t know what to say. They were just the nicest people from the first phone call! They helped me step by step. I felt so sure everything was going to be okay. If I knew someone in need of an immigration lawyer I would tell them Lawrence Holmes and give them their phone number! I wish I could have thanked them in person myself! I appreciate everything they’ve done for me and my family. Thanks again !

P. McCarthy from New Jersey
Silke from Germany

I wish to thank Diana once again for her excellent job. I’m very happy to have received the Green Card so quickly and effortlessly! I will obviously recommend your firm to any friends of mine who will be willing to apply for an US green card.

Natalia S from Russia

Lawrence R Holmes at helped my wife to adjust her status from the visa waiver she entered the U.S. on to a green card after we married. All of this was done effortlessly with little work on the part of my wife and I, allowing us to go about our daily lives.

B Miller from California
Hitomi from Japan

The Law Office of Lawrence Holmes is amazing. I retained the firm to guide me through the application of an I129F VISA and they were nothing short of perfect. I was told exactly what to expect before it happened and they were there to promptly respond to all of my questions. This law firm will not leave you wondering what to do next and you will get the attention that you deserve.

L Gonzalez is from Nevada
fiancée from Brazil

Thank you so much for all your help during me and Lissette’s process. You and your company were very helpful and you explained everything so well and easy for us. You really made our lives simpler and without your help we know that it would have been a more difficult task than it already was. We just received our official marriage license together and we are busy decorating our new house. You were wonderful in answer all our question no matter how small or trivial and we will recommend you in the future to anybody who is in our position.

Trey and Lissette S. in South Carolina
Lissette is from Panama

There was nothing at all I could ever say negative about the service I got from this law office. They were everything I needed and wanted in terms of guiding me and getting me through this immigration process. Their prediction on timing and how things went was absolutely spot on. It was great to be able to have complete faith in my attorney on such a delicate matter.

Jenny B from the United Kingdom

We’re happy to report that the application for the Visa we needed was approved and in our hands in 90 days as we were told to expect when we hired Atty Holmes. Prior to contracting Atty. Holmes to assist us with our case; I had read several forums regarding the process and most people were complaining about their attorneys and the time it took for them to receive their Visas, if they received them at all. We are extremely happy that our story had a better outcome and our family is going to be together in the US very soon. Thank you, Atty. Holmes and a special thanks to your paralegal Diana for always answering our questions and showing a sincere concern for our family! We definitely will be using your services again to adjust status.

L Jackson from Texas
fiancée from India

I and my fiancée used Lawrence R Holmes Visa Attorney for our K-1 visa. We are very appreciative because they were very prompt, very helpful and very nice to communicate with. Any time we had a question they were very prompt in answering our emails. They instruct you correctly and in a proper way. We recommend everyone to use this immigration law firm for their K-1 visa or any other visa.

Ken from New York
Fretchel from Philippines