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Experience has proven that a phone conversation is much more beneficial than an email for the initial contact between you and our firm. We have found that often, when we answer one of your questions, our answer results in you thinking of another question. If we are having the conversation by phone we can go back and forth until you have asked most if not all of the appropriate questions. If we are doing this by email we will be going back and forth possibly for days.

Our phone hours are Monday – Friday from 8am till 4pm Pacific time and from 11am till 7 pm Eastern time. If you call 858-206-9184 outside of our phone hours and leave a message with your name, phone number and time you would like us to return your call we will do so. If we are on the phone with a client when you call we will return your call as soon as possible. Although your call is very important to us, our first priority is always our clients. I am sure you will appreciate this when you become one of our clients.

If you decide to email us instead of calling, please complete the form below. It is our policy to answer all consultation emails within 24 hours of receipt.