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Legal Guidance In Responding To A Request For Evidence (RFE)

If you filed a fiancée visa petition (K-1) or a marriage visa petition (CR-1 or IR-1) by yourself or with the assistance of a “visa service”, chances are you have received or will receive the dreaded Request for Evidence or RFE.

When this occurs DO NOT attempt to answer it yourself.

If you do, even if you answer it correctly, there is a good chance that after it is reviewed by the USCIS you will receive a second RFE. This is because the first RFE does not always list all of the things that are wrong or missing from your petition.

Denials And Delays Associated With A Poorly Completed RFE

If your reply to the RFE is not satisfactory to the USCIS, they will DENY your visa petition and then you will have to either start all over again by filing a new visa petition or give up the idea of ever bringing your fiancée or spouse to the U.S.

Each RFE can delay your petition processing by approximately 6 months if you are successful with your response. If you are not successful, an RFE will result in your petition being denied.

If you receive an RFE please call us at 858-206-9184.

How We Can Help

If you hire us to answer the RFE, upon taking over your visa petition and application, we will do the following:

  1. Review the petition you previously filed that resulted in the RFE;
  2. Determine if there are any additional errors or omissions in your petition;
  3. Answer the RFE including any documents or information that we determine in #2 above were missing;
  4. When we receive the approval from the USCIS, keep in touch with the National Visa Center to ensure that your petition does not get delayed;
  5. When your petition is approved and transferred to the Consulate, keep in touch with the Consular officers to ensure that your application is not delayed;
  6. Prepare the financial packet your fiancée or spouse will need at the visa interview and mail it to you for your review and signature;
  7. When we receive your fiancée’s or spouse’s interview date, email he or she a list of the questions that particular Consulate is currently asking at the visa interviews;
  8. For a K-1 fiancée visa, after your fiancée enters the U.S. and marries you, give you a 50% reduction in our legal fee to handle your then spouse’s adjustment of status (green card) application.

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If you have received a RFE, contact us before you do anything. Call us at 858-206-9184 or reach out using our online contact form.