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Why Hire Us

The most important reason why we believe you will be more satisfied with our firm than you would be with any other is covered in detail in the HOME section of this website and can be boiled down to EXCELLENT SERVICE based upon 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE HANDLING THOUSANDS OF FIANCÉE AND MARRIAGE  VISAS.

We have NO TIME LIMIT on the initial free consultation. We need to spend time talking with you to not only get to know the facts of your situation, including if you and your fiancée or spouse qualify for a fiancée or marriage visa, but we also want you to get a feel for us and how it would be to have us working for you on your fiancée or marriage visa. We need to develop a comfort level with each other if we are going to be working together. In order to accomplish this we will do the following during the initial consultation:

Ask you some questions to determine if you and your fiancée/spouse qualify for a fiancée or marriage visa.

Identify any potential problems with your case and give you our honest opinion as to our chances of success.

Explain any options that may be available to you.

Review our legal fee to handle your case as well as all government fees and medical exam fees. There will be NO HIDDEN CHARGES.


Give you an accurate estimate of the length of time it will take us to obtain your fiancée or marriage visa based on the current processing times at the USCIS Service Center that will process your fiancée or marriage visa petition, the National Visa Center that will conduct the background checks on you and your fiancée/spouse and the Consulate that will interview your fiancée/spouse and issue the fiancée or marriage  visa.

Review the government’s minimum income requirement for a fiancée or marriage visa with you in order to insure that you can meet it. If you cannot meet it, we will discuss the possibility of using a financial cosponsor to meet this requirement. (Not all Consulates will allow the use of a cosponsor for a K-1 finance visa).

There is also NO TIME LIMIT on your contacts by phone or email with our firm after you have hired us. All we ask is that you keep your contacts reasonable. An example of not being reasonable would be contacting us on a daily basis when there is no problem and no emergency.

To speak with an experienced immigration attorney, call our San Diego office at 858-206-9184. You can also reach us using our online contact form.